I guess a good way to know Candidate Natteal is to tune in to 88.7

Arthur Natteal is the CEO of WJLN 88.7 FM.

We know he has had a spot for Rhett Bullard to discuss White Springs and now Spencer Lofton will take the spot as Mayor, but I am not certain where community empowerment is cited and I now have some concern about his running for council, especially with what happened to Ms. Werts.  But nevertheless, what can one expect from a “False Prophet”. I never knew how easy it is for some ministers to become ministers without theological backgrounds.  Who knew.


It is stated:  “Here at WJLN 88.7 FM we are committed to public service and our goal is to empower our community. Therefore we celebrate cultures, uniqueness, and serve with educational and entertaining discussions, music and programming. We value the community in which we live and provide a platform from which the members of our community can voice their concern.”


That is probably why Rhett Bullard didn’t seek council approval to provide the old jail building to Natteal in February of 2018 and to Ms. Werts with a backdated lease effective April of 2018.  Enough of this “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours”.  From my discussions with Natteal, if he believes he is right about something, even if you prove him wrong, he will not back down.  Thus he is a good match with Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton.  It isn’t what is right; it is only what they believe and they definitely do not wish to face the truth.



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