WSPD still neutered. Will that change with a part-time officer from the Sheriff’s Department

The WSPD apparently is still neutered and I noticed one was charged for having narcotics.  When is the WSPD going to go after our Town Manager, or Rhett Bullard or the rest of his cousins using narcotics?


The WSPD reported 1 Battery, 1 Crash, 1 Criminal Mischief, 1 Driving While License Suspended/revoked; 1 Narcotic violation, 1 OD Improper Driver’s License, 2 Thefts and 1 Trespass Warning.

In October there were mainly faulty equipment and not using seat belt violations except for one failing to maintain a single lane

This is the WSPD at work.  Yet we do now have an officer who works part time for the Sheriff’s office and part time for White Springs, along with Officers Doyle and Lieutenant Meeks

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