WS Still plans on negotiating the Fire Protection agreement

Last night’s White Springs Council meeting relating to the Fire Department Contract with Hamilton County was a joke.

Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton seemed to be hung up on the fact that the agreement requires one certified firefighter to go to each call.   They said that Mr. Land understood that a certified firefighter would not be necessary if it was a medical emergency where only an EMT was required.  And that Mr. Land said it would be understood that it was not necessary,.  But Rhett Bullard said it was a “contract” and if the words are not changed that meant White Springs could be sued for not complying.

What White Springs doesn’t seem to understand is that we don’t have a fire department now and that we have to depend on Genoa.  Rhett said  “But Genoa is a smaller department than we are”.  Is he that ignorant that he doesn’t realize we have the smallest department with one individual in town. Since the individuals on our current Roster are from Callihan, Lake City and Alachua County, that means they may not even intend to fight a fire in White Springs.  These firefighters are members of Century Ambulance and Steve Stith asked them to sign the roster to make it look good.  Furthermore, the last time someone was called from Lake City for a Tree that had fallen, it took 45 minutes for a response.

Let’s say Rhett’s house or Lofton’s house was burning.  By the Time our one firefighter in Town, Stith, who is not certified came to fight it, and Andrew Greene showed up 45 minutes later and couldn’t go near smoke without blacking out, even if Genoa was first, there may not be a house standing.  We had experience with the Systrunk house burning and at that time the only fire fighter was Don Wilson until Jasper showed up.  Well maybe Rhett and Lofton couldn’t sue the Town because they are the reasons we do not have a fire department but since our Charter requires a Fire Department if anyone’s house burns because we do not have volunteers in Town, the Town could be sued.

The Town could not be sued for an agreement with Hamilton County; they just wouldn’t be paid.  But if a house burns down and we do not provide a fire department for White Springs, in accordance with our Town Charter, White Springs is Liable.  I don’t understand Rhett Bullard’s logic because he’s the one who made certain Kevin Pittman was removed and as a result we lost the only good fire department we ever had.  Actually the only fire department we ever had.


Furthermore the reason for a certified fire fighter to be called on a medical emergency is an excellent safety measure.  What if someone needed to be extricated from a vehicle before receiving medical help.  What if a tree fell down and there were power lines all over the road, not only would the power company have to show up but a firefighter.

Oh and Walter McKenzie asked how many firefighters we had living in Town because he thought we only had one.  Helen Miller also inquired.  Stacy’s answer was that we would have to ask Steve Stith and since he was not at the meeting because of a surgery, we would have to find out later.  Now here’s the woman who watched everything Kevin Pittman did like a hound dog but she knows nothing about what Stith is doing or what we have for a fire department.  And why is that?  Well because Rhett Bullard needs Andrew Greene to be the Assistant Fire Chief.  What kind of Morals do Stith and Greene have, knowing that they have ruined the fire department in White Springs?  They have to know we do not have a Fire Department but they have to keep their jobs or be firemen for their ego’s sake.  We already know that Rhett Bullard neither has morals nor a conscience for what he has done to the Town of White Springs.  And Stacy is just the worse Manager anyone could ever have.  She should stand up for good people but would rather have the worse people ever employed for the Town because of Rhett Bullard Sexual proclivities.


Then they question Hamilton County’s Standard Operating Procedures.  Rhett said we follow the State’s Standard Operating Procedures and why should the fireman follow Hamilton County’s procedures.  No one apparently asked if Hamilton County followed the State’s procedures but I can venture to guess the State’s procedures are included in Hamilton County’s SOP’s.   It is not uncommon for each Town having different SOP’s even though they follow the State’s due to the fact that each jurisdiction has different hazards which have to be handled in a different manner.

How stupid are the “Gang of Three” and Why don’t the rest of the council members fight for what they know is right.  Are their seats so important that they dare not fight for what is right and just for the people of White Springs?  I don’t know what’s wrong with these people and that is probably why I would never make a good politician because I couldn’t lie to people and I sure could not sit around allowing the Fake Fire Department to remain without a fight, even if I was the only one fighting against four other councilors.  It’s a circus watching these idiots and furthermore it is damned depressing..

Stacy and Rhett made a big mistake in the way they have handled certain people, especially those volunteers who were committed to the Town of White Springs.  Stacy and Rhett are absolute losers and although I never wish for someone’s property to burn, if it does happen, I hope either the parties the victim and or their insurance company sue the hell out of the Town for not providing fire protection as the charter promises  All our Town wants is the money but will not do what’s right to earn it.  We don’t have drills.  We don’t have standard operating procedures.  We don’t have people to fight a fire within White Springs?  We can’t even repair our equipment and have never spent the County’s money on our fire department.

Our Town Council is worthless when it comes to fighting for the People of White Springs.  The manner in which they handle matters of importance it is obvious they don’t give a damned about any of you and think the County just owes the money to White Springs for not doing anything.

Well you guessed it.  White Springs apparently still feels they are better than Jennings which signed the contract because White Springs still intends to negotiate further to get the County to see their position which is the most ridiculous position ever.  The reason we cannot comply is because we do not have a Fire Department or firefighters who are committed or live in or close to White Springs.  Their excuses are beyond the pale.  Can they really be that ignorant?


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  1. Steves a joke an he knows it he is trying to keep his little play puppet Andrew playing fire man both of them should be ashamed of calling themselves a firefighter both have done nothing an will doing only reason Andrew is still around is because he works for the town if he left white springs he would not be a fire fighter anywhere else because he is lazy also has no clue about what he is doing he freezes up every time shit gets real they just need to stop playing with people’s lives an give up an move on enough is enough move on an lets get real people in there who really care about this town an who will actually show up when its time to do work. Steve i know you read this blog you have said it to people before so here’s some advice stop doing what you are doing an just leave like the last two times never come back its as easy as that we as citizens of this town do not want did not ask for you an do not trust you. You are nothing but a snake in the grass it shows with your employees at century an now again in white springs you only give to those with big boobs or who you can intimidate.

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