William A. Polbos’ LIED on Employment application

He was FIRED from Graham Electric on July 27, 2016 and was hired for the job on January 22, 2016 or a period of approximately 6 months. He was fired for Tardiness and No Shows. He made $10.00 hour. Though he lists his skills as and Electrician he never received any formal training  in the field. of electrician. Only in White Springs could a guy get hired who had been terminated from his prior job (for failure to show  up for work) and make more money than the job he was fired from. Another Grateful Loser.

He thus falsified his employment application for White Springs, a public document, and will be reported to the State Attorney for falsifying a public document. He applied for unemployment coverage and probably falsified that application as well. We’ll know soon enough.

He should be terminated immediately.

Joe Griffin

Citizen Activist

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