Why isn’t White Springs like other Towns or Cities?

We returned from a fabulous vacation visiting Fort Stewart Army Base where Joe was raised before moving to Windermere and lovely Savannah.


One thing we noticed in Savannah, as well as in New Orleans and many other cities in the West and Midwest is that the people no matter what the color of their skin are friendly and welcoming.  That is not something which happens in White Springs.   One could expect this type of camaraderie during cruises but it seems to happen everywhere except in White Springs.


I haven’t quite pinpointed what the difference is between White Springs and other areas of the country.  It could be that we are living in one of the poorest towns in the country.  But one must realize that if that is the problem and poverty is the case, you have made many decisions in your life which led you right to where you are today.  No one placed you in a predicament.  You placed yourself here for whatever reasons.  And it’s time to think about bettering your life.


Family seems to be important in White Springs and especially among the Black Culture, hours and hours are spent in church.  Yet, even among the prominent families, crime, thefts, drinking and drugs seem prevalent.  How can one go to church and honor God but allow your children or other members of your family to treat other people badly, to show jealousy of someone who does well, to steal from your neighbors and to not teach your children the ten commandments so they grow up to be better people.


I recall May Day, where many young people were out on their own, trying to steal from the Dollar General Store.  Many children after school also go to the Dollar General Store and can’t determine money and what it will buy.  There are many students, mainly male, who do not feel schooling is important and perhaps having Vice Mayor Brown speak at schools doesn’t help because she, herself, does not believe in an education.  But where is she today?  On Welfare, on Disability when she certainly doesn’t look disabled.  And how can one accept the small amounts of money one receives from the Government when one has never held a decent job in their life.


Okay, maybe many of you never wished to work or maybe your parents never worked and Welfare is the thing, but don’t you wish your child to become educated and to have a job in which they excel and are happy?  What’s wrong with working for a living and being the best that you can be.  There is that emporia when one excels at a job, gets promoted and makes a terrific living.   I hear some of your children say, “Well I can make more selling drugs in a day than actually working at a job”.  But haven’t you told your child that selling illegal drugs may place them in Jail or Prison.  Is that where you want our children to go?  To learn the hard way by being beat up by other prisoners and being sexually assaulted?


And, it appears people in other towns, no matter what their race, are interested in their community.  They attend meetings and learn what they can and in many ways contribute to the well being of the community.  Here many of you have indicated your knowledge of the “Gay Guy” who assaults juveniles, but have you done anything about it?  Have you petitioned your neighbors against voting him into office again? Many of you know that Vice Mayor Brown is a loud mouth who orders everyone around because of her feelings of superiority being on the council, but you still vote for her.  Why?  What has she done for you?   She barely can read much less understand anything under the law.  And why is that important?  Perhaps you don’t either.  But understand, you have rights and why are you allowing people like Vice Mayor Brown, Mayor Lofton and Councilor Rhett Bullard telling you what you can and will have and what you won’t have.   Again you have rights under the law and because we seem to have a Police Chief who does not follow the law, it’s time you did something about that by bringing in other competent and honest people to run for office.


Why is it that you don’t see what’s in front of you?   Why can’t you realize that if the officials really cared about you, they would open up the community center and allow Citizens to use it daily for various activities?  Why can’t you see that the Town gets money to fix roads and streets, but instead you choose to let the Officials misspend State Funds and live with potholes which ruin your vehicles?  Why do you allow officials like Mayor Lofton tell you what to do?   Mayor Lofton does not have the appropriate education and with his promises to open up SHE, it will cost the Town at least Two Million Dollars.  Yet, because he is a good talker and you for some reason believe him, you sit back and swoon at his stupid ideas.  He has no business acumen and he certainly did not tell you the truth in his presentation of what the costs would entail, because he himself had no idea what a business venture like fixing up SHE would cost.   It is time you opened up your eyes and realized what the officials are doing to you.  If your choice is to keep listening to people who will never allow you to get ahead, well you have placed yourself there and I can’t help you nor can anyone else.  In fact, Mayor Lofton has such a large ego, he only cares about what he wants for himself and his family and certainly doesn’t care one iota about what you may want.


Ask yourself, why the Town of White Springs did not extend the lighting on Highway 41 all the way to the Dollar General Store   The lights could have been extended rather than placed so closely together.  Ask yourself why the Town hasn’t fought for a signal for passenger crossing by the Dollar General Store?  Do they care if you or your family members get hit by a vehicle?   Why has the Town chosen Drug Dealers over your children at the Willie Guy Turner Park?  Why doesn’t the Town staff clean up the drug paraphernalia from the children’s park so it could be used?   Why isn’t there a porta potty or a bathroom, including cleaning the bathroom at the baseball park?   Do you really believe the Town cares about you if they do not care about your standard of living?


But mostly, is there no pride in the Town in which you live?  Don’t you care what happens to your neighbors, your family, yourself and your town?  Why do you keep voting for corrupt people?   How can you be so good and pious in Church and treat others around you like dirt?   Do you like corruption?  Do you like living in a drug infested Town?   Don’t you wish for your children to excel?   Are you afraid to ask for help?   Why do you feel you have to lie instead of telling others the truth?   Just remember your children look up to you.  They see your actions and how you treat others.  And, as a result they will mimic your every action until they become another you with all your faults and fallacies and hate for others.


There are many programs allowed not only children but Adults?  Why hasn’t the Town assisted its citizens in helping them instead of taking away programs which are drastically needed for some?


There are many reasons why the Town seems to have gotten where it is today.  But if you for once would consider being a neighbor no matter what the color of one’s skin, perhaps all of us could work together instead of showing hate for others for no apparent reason other than they are allowed to breathe. We all live here so why can’t we get along like others do in other areas?


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