White Springs Public Enemy No 1


Rhett Bullard has single handedly eliminated the Greatest Fire Chief and Firefighters White Springs has ever had by favoring Andrew Greene and Steve Stith.


Rhett Bullard has neutralized the Police Department so that Drug Dealers may be free to deal various illegal narcotics in the Town of White Springs, even allowing dealers to leave needles and other paraphernalia within the Willie Guy Turner Children’s Park.


Rhett Bullard has used over $700,000 of Local Option Fuel Taxes in the General Fund rather than having Staff carry a separate restrictive fund and using such money for its intended purpose of “Transportation” such as fixing the many potholes and cracks on our streets and roads and providing safety crossings for children across Highway 41.


Rhett Bullard has allegedly had dealings with younger men who have not reached the age of majority


Rhett Bullard allows his Town Manager to use opioid drugs in the office even though Stacy Tebo admitted in a deposition of using such drugs for years for a supposed Rheumatoid Arthritis condition (which no doctor would prescribe for that many years).  It is also believed that his finance director smokes marijuana e-cigarettes in the office.  It may be mentioned that Ms. Tebo in her deposition with the City of DeBary did not admit to using opioid drugs but did not give actual information about who the physicians were and listed drugs for Rheumatoid arthritis in lieu of Percoset.


Rhett Bullard  did not follow the laws of Florida nor our Personnel Manual regarding payments to our former Public Works Director for two years while the employee was unable to work.


Rhett Bullard allows his Town Manager to not only take Fridays off in violation of her contract and our Town Personnel manual, but allows her to take a week off any time she so desires, while the citizens have to continue paying her salary and benefits.


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