Where oh where is Spencer Lofton’s Evaluation of the Town Manager

Obviously Mayor Lofton didn’t see fit to complete his evaluation prior to the meeting. Most likely, he will vote with Tonja and Rhett because, after all, he is the puppet Mayor they made certain would take Rhett’s place this year.

After reading the evaluations, you will see who the honest council members are and who the dishonest council members are.  But of course, Rhett and Tonja have no complaints because Stacy Tebo whether illegal or not follows the dictates of the “Gang of Three”.   The Town has always misspent money and we have a Finance Director who never has followed the law or even had the education and experience to handle the Accounting Principles relating to government correctly.  But that’s the way White Springs likes it and until the State intervenes, these illegal and criminal acts will continue in White Springs.

But remember, when the time comes next Spring, do you really want Tonja and Rhett to continue handling your financial affairs?. If you do, keep voting for them as you have but if you want a better White Springs, vote for someone else.   Perhaps I don’t make it clear but if you read the Rhatt Pack Watch, it should be obvious to you how the Town has been ruined since Rhett Bullard took over the Town with his two puppets Spencer and Tonja and prior to that good ole Willie.


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