When Miller is out of Town her minions fail (updated)

One Thing you have to admit is that Mayor Helen Miller certainly has the power; in that is she has a loyal following in the people she has chosen in her close support which consist of Council woman Anita Rivers, Nicole Williams, Councilman Walter McKenzie, Interim Manager Tommie Jones, and a group of citizens, including former/current camel club members and the Brazils whose desire they stress is to make White Springs better.

It did not matter that Williams and Rivers managed to get Miller involved in the Be Faithful Coker debacle which not only cost the Town of White Springs $3,500 as well as Miller’s Grantor to cease being a benefactor for the children of White Springs programs after also paying $3,500 to Ms. Coker himself, personally. Yet for some reason this did not remove support of Miller to her Minions. In fact it somehow became stronger or at least all information on anyone who does anything in the city was communicated to this close knit group so they could plan whatever was needed for the benefit of the three.

At least the former firefighters were fought for so we now have our Fire Department with Chief Pittman back. And two out of three never wavered from their support of the Police Department, but made certain if there were police officers who warranted criticism, that information was known even to the blog. Then in the next instance there sometimes was criticism for our memory and notes of what was said .

Initially we ourselves supported Tommie Jones based upon the material he showed us on his classes and grades from St. Thomas and the only thing lacking to get his degree was a dissertation. He was pleasant and acquainted himself with Joe regarding Sewer and Water issues. He never once mentioned he may have had a checkered background and even if he would have admitted it instead of lying about us and omitting such information from public meetings or the council showing his remorse of his past actions, he may have been hired.

But then it happened. The Mayor and Council decided to hide the fact that he had a checkered past. They did not require an application from him, but only accepted his resume’ so he would not have to indicate felonies on the White Springs Application. And when we were told about his past, all Hell broke lose in Miller’s absence from White Springs. We received a threatening Phone call from Rivers and Nicole Williams attacked my face book, Joe’s facebook and the blog with her diatribes of which she really knows nothing, but is and was as hateful and despicable as she could be to us, in spite of all the assistance we have given her in the past years. Helen Miller prior to this date had a certain rapport with Joe and I and because she was mistreated including in her hearing, so we kept a working relationship.

Yet, for the blog telling the Truth, Tommie Jones who had prior to the time spread lies about our Bribery (not understanding the elements relating to Bribery cases), not decided to crucify Joe on a background that was instituted by Miller in the first place as retaliation and confirmed by a prior manager as to Miller’s intent.

Now when Miller left Town again, all Hell is breaking lose. Manager Jones may have taken Friday off but we know that not just Joe’s Public Requests but at least one other requester was told that everything will be held until Pam Tomlinson’s return, if she does. Phones were not answered; e-mails have not been answered for weeks and if e-mails changed they should have been corrected on the Town of White Springs site.

People were commenting about the lack of responses in White Springs which does not look good.

Not only do we have Management that does not listen to Citizens or follow the laws, but we have the Council using the excuse that our interim manager is a consultant instead of being an employee. A consultant is an independent contractor like our Attorney is; like a CPA is but Tommie Jones is definitely not a consultant. What was the Council’s excuse? Well that is simple, they did not wish a Manager to handle their affairs like the Charter has stipulated. What they wanted was a puppet that they could control. And now that a complaint was sent to the Commission on Ethics of Miller taking over as a strong Mayor, McKenzie had to fill in on the meeting with Preuter, the former chief Tebo assigned.

All I hear is how we need more money for a Fire Truck and $48,000 for a hurricane Proof community Center not considering furnishings which is money unfortunately we do not have. Pam Tomlinson and Stacy Tebo definitely put the Town of White Springs in a Fix. And even Tebo warned, after spending all our money on protecting her with attorney fees which were phenomenal for our small town, that we could not continue paying the incurred bills for our new Town Attorney Meagan Logan at the current rate or we would run out of money. But that did not stop Miller from contacting Logan continually as she contacted Fred Koberlein, esquire. In fact it apparently was allowable for Nicole Williams, by her admission, to apprise Logan of what was going on. That runs up the clock and when I made a complaint to the Council about Koberlein attending our depositions when technically the Florida League of Cities Attorney Logan was running the show, the Council did not care. When I placed that information on the blog eliminating Miller’s name, Miller told us via a phone call that it was not appropriate for us to pay Koberlein as well unless someone at the Town had a question…..but it happened and she was in charge at the time.

So tell me, how are we going to stretch our money and pay for every day payables? We will be bankrupt before we know it and what is sad is that Joe’s discussion of a fire assessment on all the vacant and unoccupied lots is ignored and the Fire Department besides needing the money for a Fire Truck will be ignored as it has been for 10 years and besides, Hamilton County’s payments now that Pittman is back, will be used for the general fund instead of the Fire Department because the town is broke and still spending.

First of all, Helen Miller needs to handle her Minions and tell them what they can and can’t do without taking trips out of town; Secondly, Helen Miller needs to follow the laws and the Charter as she expected Bullard and Lofton to do. Thirdly, she has to quit spending unnecessary money because she is afraid to get herself in a legal suit, which she surely will have with her current interim manager’s handling of the Town.

She, Miller, tells us we will work with the County with Code Enforcement, then nothing gets done. We can spend money for outside surveillance equipment, but have no inside internal controls only councilors trying to be managers when they have not had the experience in their lives before being elected on the White Springs Council. This of course, is nothing new and has been going on for at least 20 years or for as long as McKenzie has been on the council.

There is no future except bankruptcy and the Town being a part of the County as the Village of White Springs. It has been proven continually the elected officials do not have the experience or the ability to handle a Town its money and they do not handle their fiduciary responsibilities well.

Yes Helen, when you leave, the Town goes to Hell because your minions do not have a mind of their own and you need to keep directing them. If you do not, they will try on their own and blotch what you have worked for in your plan and things will definitely go back to the way they were. Corrupt!!! And you can thank Nicole for setting us straight with her insight of our being used to get what the three of you wanted, when you were out of town before. Remember her famous words “Just in case you can’t comprehend like Tonja, WE USED YOU TO OUR ADVANTAGE TO SPREAD OUR NEWS. WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU PRINT ABOUT US WE’RE SOLID. WE HAVE THE PERFECT COUNCIL AND I LOVE HAVING OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN ON THE COUNCIL. I LOVE THAT WE’VE MADE HISTORY ONCE AGAIN WITH THE FIRST BLACK TOWN MANAGER. The only reason you are mad and throwing your usual temper tantrum like a fucking child is that YOU WANTED TO BE TOWN MANAGER. YOUR FEELINGS ARE HURT BECAUSE NO ONE RECOMMENDED YOU FOR THE POSITION.”

It is proven the color of one’s skin is more important than the knowledge and background of an individual.

The Problem is, the mess in White Springs seems to be deteriorating faster and it is realized that Stacy and Pam’s love for you has caused some major setbacks

Karin for the blog

2 Replies to “When Miller is out of Town her minions fail (updated)

  1. I totally agree. I myself participated in bringing Miller back to power based solely on her promise to me to do only what is best for White Springs. The duo of Tommie Jerome Jones with no experience with anything about running a town on the verge of insolvency being told what to do and when to do it, including when to follow Florida Ethics and Open Government laws by Miller harkens me back to the days of Townsend and Butler. Do only for yourself and to hell with what is best for the citizens. I can see no difference between then and now with the exception that I now have hope that the Ethics Commission will rule soon.
    It is amazing to me how the same group of people metamorphize themselves into new people with different names but govern the same way that the group immediately prior governed. WE had a totally worthless town manager and replace her not with someone who has a clue but with someone who definitely has no clue. I’m convinced after 20 years experience that the solution to White Springs problems lies at a minimum with someone who knows all of the problems of the town or t he Governors Office in Tallahassee. This EGO CULT run by Townsend, McKire Kennon, Koberlein and then Bullard and his follow on Lofton and now Miller and group is obviously no way to govern, yet Miller doesn’t see t that way. She like the other just quoted before think t hey know a better way, better than the law and the Charter.
    Anyway, I thank Karin for her piece and hope someone in love with White Springs and not its political establishment will step up and be what Tommie was supposed to be, a municipal savior. Doubtful. For God’s Sake, lets try something new for a change. Follow the Law and the Charter and quit making the same mistake over and over again., like hiring a Professional Town Manager which we have never done. Miller has proven herself incapable of lawful leadership which according to the Charter she has no role in anyway. The leadership changes (people) but it never changes. Miller and Bullard are the same. Egotistical bafoons with no appreciation for doing what is legally and morally correct.
    I’m sorry I tried to help Helen out thinking that this time around she would be different than she was before. Boy was I wrong.

    1. One more thought. Corrupt means different strokes for different folks. Bullard and Miller were exactly that albeit different persons. What is so wrong with doing what’s legal and lawful I’d like someone to explain to me.

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