We were short to complete the Sewer Revitalization but Mittauer found a solution for now

Kellen Lindsey, of Mittauer and Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers, went over the SRF funding after receiving bids from contractors. We have $3.3 million in funding and SRF won’t increase the funding amount but would loan the additional funding to get some additional funding.

On November 21,2019 two bids were received in response to the Town’s Advertisements for Beds on the DEP SRF 1/1 Correction (Sewer Rehabilitation) project.

Mittauer and Associates has reviewed the bids and provided the Council with a Certified Bid Tabulation which they prepared.

Art Walker Construction Inc. of Ocala Florida had the lowest bid of $3,601,622 (A base bid of $3,571,622 plus additional $30,0000 Our Contract Amount is $3,294,559.50. so we are short $307,062.50

We could omit the SRF proposal and forfeit the $3.6 million and additional funding but the risk may be that now that the money is obligated by SRF we would be at risk to lose the funding entirely.

A second bid of $4,035,000 was received from another contractor. SRF will provide 80% of the amount which is necessary or $3.3 million ($3,294,559.50).

The only possibility to make the funding work is to remove the Suwannee Springs lift station, which the contractor Art Walker will accept. At the Suwannee Springs Lift Station, there is no access and it consists of some very old clay pipes which still are good and the pumps and manholes work. That lift station then will be removed from the bid with a change order taking out the Suwannee Springs Lift Station

Should additional funding become available to cover the Suwanee Springs Lift Station the scope of work may be brought back into the project via a subsequent change order at that time. Alternately, the Suwannee Lift Station could be worked on at a later date vy itself after the project is completed by Art Walker since it is still functioning.

The council accepted the engineer’s suggestions with a vote of 5-0.

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