We don’t have enough money to fix our sewer problems – come to tonight’s meeting

Our Town meeting tonight will address the fact that the money we will be borrowing for the Sewer Revitalization Project is far less than the Bids we received from contractors.

This has always been the problem especially with sewer contractors and contractors who build bridges. While insurance costs alone are about 10% of one’s profits, a sewer contractor’s insurance is about 20% due to the fact of the volatility of gases which may cause explosions and kill people. I was involved as an expert witness in the Austin P. Keller case where seven people died. And since all the contractor’s costs must be included in a project for them to even consider it, we will have to possibly do repairs for the areas of most concern rather than the entire project.

At one time the Council considered doing only repairs and although I do not recall the entire amount stated (It was during Miller’s time) of some $1.6 million, instead of the $3,000,000, that may be all we can do using up the $3 million dollar loan. But maybe that is all we anticipated fixing in the first place. Or there was a nasty squirrel who chewed up a line like one did at our house.
Karin for the blog

PS. We apparently were wrong. Our Town Manager and Yvonne have been at Town Hall. They apparently have internet with Windstream but do not have telephones and after five tickets or more with Windstream, Windstream cannot figure it out. I cannot imagine telephone stopped just like that unless someone sabotaged the wires or by accident did something to disconnect the phone lines which will take time to find and possibly cost the Town more money.

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