god4joe says:
December 11, 2019 at 6:54 pm Edit
We’re waiting for the material from the Clerk of the Court’s office in Dade County/ Miami to tell us how many indiscretions Tommie had as a young lad and how is he going to fill out an employment application if there is more than one felony or 1st degree misdemeanor on his “rap sheet”. AS you will remember not two months ago when I brought his criminal record to the sunshine Tommie said he only had ONE conviction for a felony or first degree misdemeanor. We’ll see sometime this week whether he can be trusted to tell the truth. Until then I am reserving my judgement if he can be trusted or not.
He’s working hard but so did Stacy when she first got here. Yet the Council didn’t do anything but praise her and give her extensions of her contract even though she wasn’t doing her job and “left the place” in a mess. More on this later when I get the Clerk of the Court’s information. I love Florida Statute 119, Florida’s Public Records Law. It keeps everyone honest which Tommie in his early days wasn’t so honest. I think he is overwhelmed by all of this hitting him at once but he wanted the job, time he fessed up to that simple truth. By the way, I don’t like being called a RACIST by anyone; especially someone who trots out the race card on a moments notice.
No more bullshit about public records needing to wait until Pam gets back. Less than a week for five sheets of paper, including his job application is my new benchmark.

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