Town of White Springs Fire Department Agreement with Hamilton County is on Tuesday Night’s Agenda

Stacy Tebo’s Report:


The Fire Protection and Related Emergency Services Agreement was executed by the County Commission on September 18th and received by the Town on September 24th.  It was noted they approved the contract without the White Springs highlighted edits.  The changes recommended by the staff were highlighted in yellow and discussed with the Council at the last meeting.  The County Commission addressed them at a recent meeting and were not in favor of the changes.  The County would like the Jennings and White Springs agreements to be identical and Jennings previously executed the agreement.


Background discussion:

Staff met with Henry Land on May 5th to discuss desired changes to the long time contract that expired on October 1st.  On August 17th, County staff requested a meeting to discuss the contract.  At the meeting, staff was presented with the proposed agreement.  Staff met again with Henry Land on September 10th to discuss the items of concern and the staff was unaware that the contract was being presented to the County Commission the following week.


The contract was placed on the Council agenda for the October meeting; at the request of the county, it was postponed until the November 13th meeting due to Mr. Land’s prolonged absence.  Staff met with county staff on November 8th to revisit the concerns previously raised.  Once the contract was received electronically November 9th, the desired changes were made and emailed back to the county staff.

Karin’s comments:

The county has a real concerns about White Springs not having a viable volunteer fire department.  The individuals on the roster are from Lake City, Callahan, and Alachua County.  It was not the intent of these firefighters to train with White Springs, much less Hamilton County because they are fire fighters and EMT’s for other departments.  These individuals only signed the roster to make it look like White Springs had a fire Department.

It makes me sick that Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo chose to remove  Kevin Pittman and as a result all of the firefighters under Mr. Pittman to handle favors to Andrew Greene so he could remain Assistant Fire Chief and by adding Chief Stith as Fire Chief because he’s the only one who would accept Andrew Greene.   The fact that Andrew Greene is allowed to use the Fire SUV personally is beyond the pale.

Rhett Bullard if you owe Andrew Greene or Steve Stith positions at the fire department because of you and your cousins deviant sexual exploits, then you should buy Andrew Green a vehicle out of your own money.   Why should the taxpayers pay for all of the Bullard/Townsend  sins?


Furthermore, both Greene and Stith need to be removed and we need to place Kevin Pittman back on as Fire Chief because he and the volunteers under him would be able to fulfill the Agreement with the Hamilton County Commission.  Our Charter states White Springs requires a Fire Department and at this point we do not have a fire department and it is because Rhett Bullard is using taxpayer money to pay off his former sexual sins and that is not right.  This has to stop.  Furthermore the Fire Department should be autonomous and should not be under the Town of White Springs supervision.  Until Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo take Firefighter I training and understand the importance of a fire department, they are not qualified.

If Rhett Bullard doesn’t believe everyone in Town doesn’t know about his illicit actions, he better think again because word goes fast in a Town this size and these deviant sexual exploits and hiring people based upon what they will do for Rhett Bullard is absolutely wrong.



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