The Women of White Springs have always had Joe on their minds

The women who run white Springs – “Joe is always on my mind”

If some of the things were not so sad, there is a lot of humor at Town Hall.

Our lovely accountant/finance director has a problem using new software which would provide spreadsheets for a Town Manager but rather than do something about the problem, she attributes her problems to Joe Griffin, because she does not wish the truth to be known and it is too hard to pull up paperwork. In fact she would rather lie that she did not have the paperwork, to finally after a multiple amount of requests, found the paperwork.

The lovely interim manager Heath could not read a spreadsheet and along with the accountant/finance director found a way to blame everyone else, the county and the CPA. The manager has also complained that previously Mr. Farley blamed her for not increasing the water rates yearly but she never used a tickler system when she was the Town Clerk and perhaps doesn’t know what it means.

She states she wrote a grant but obviously she required the same amount of help she did from the County to read a spreadsheet in writing that grant or perhaps a grant writer helped her. She also believes by reason of her sticking up for the accountant/finance director that there is no need to use the $7,500 software and unfortunately that tells me that all but the admin have no ability to learn.

But these lovely women have had a thing about Joe and they can’t seem to get him out of their minds. If he had been in the Wild West he would have been considered the number one outlaw in White Springs or as some have called him “Domestic Terrorist” And you might ask why and this has humor in it as well. Both girls had been studying for their Municipal Clerk designation and one had passed it. Yet they have no idea what laws they have been breaking. They are excellent in not letting the citizens know the whole truth but rather tell each citizen a fabrication until so many are out there, they can’t remember which one was the first one they told.

It is like in 1999 and 2000 Shirley secured a restraining order against Joe and brags about it to this day because she thought her life was being threatened by Joe when he told her to put a fork in it, you’re done. And in one case he said the bleeding had to stop. She must have thought she was a turkey and Joe was actually going to test if she was done. And even on FOX news , I heard the statement that the bleeding had to stop, which most people who have been around understand that term as relating to financial dealings and that something has to stop before the blood is shed. But again it was that fork in the turkey that did her in.

Then she failed to mentioned that it is easy to get a temporary restraining order until you appear in court….and then the Judge dismisses it due to the fact that it was ridiculous to begin with. But it did give her attention and the officials made certain they protected her from big bad Joe. Of course Tebo also secured a Temporary restraining order against Joe as well but used Town Hall as her home address so Joe couldn’t even go near the door to drop off the water bill until Judge Scaff took the restraining order off. Tebo of course said Joe and his yellow jeep were spying on her at her Lake City residence when the Jeep was for sale and not driven. She also couldn’t get Joe off her mind.

We have heard, but have not seen it for ourselves, that these lovely ladies will do anything, as long as they are not caught, to make certain the right people are voted in. That is because they could not have big bad Joe or his wife called the “tranny” be involved in Town Hall. They have a vow to protect each other no matter what happens and they will use the police to do their bidding.

In the Jasper News when everyone was discussing Joe’s complaint about the camel club and at that time we did not know who they were, our one council person who is not so bright to begin with said, “Joe sent me flowers and I gave them back.” I guess Joe was considered bad for sending her flowers when she was sick, but no she never SENT them back and is that considered criminal to send flowers? But she must have thought it was because she ran around town in this year’s election stating that Joe was a bad man and no one should vote for the candidate he was sponsoring which was Nikki Williams. As usual, there are no issues that she was running on, only besmirching Joe because he is always on their mind.

It was amazing seeing the notarized affidavits from these ladies. Initially in the deposition the accountant/financial director stated, she just ignores Joe’s comments but in the affidavit, she was fearful Joe would physically attack her. Really, he has never hurt a woman but he is big bad Joe and they have glorified him into a monster. I have to admit you are lucky he is such a sweetheart, because if you treated someone else as you have Joe, you may have been physically attacked. Fortunately Joe may verbally have a temper flair after continual frustration but that is where he stops. Frankly I become more frustrated than he does.

Then last but not least these wonderful ladies have been complaining for years about public record requests. One which the accountant/finance director thought threatening was the comment made that “they were in deep Kimchi”. Well if they were deep in fermented vegetables, I do not know how they were physically in trouble but what could one expect from the ladies at Town hall? The Mayor and her husband told all water and sewer recipients plus in a deposition that Joe requested 20,000 public records. Joe was in the hospital in Nashville for one year after his accident and even eliminating that year, the Town was still complaining. When we asked for our financial records on Public records, apparently in all of the 16 years he only requested 469.

The mayor, at the time and possibly now, has never been able to get Joe off her mind. She has had numerous failures which unfortunately have been mentioned and we still can’t understand how she can have three to four resumes each totally different from the other. If she had an MBA before her doctorate especially from an excellent University, Texas, then why did she spend all that money, even without council approval, knowing that she had the background to keep us fiscally sound. The funny part is that she would have completed school before meeting Ed but the name the school had was “Miller”.

They all have had to work hard in two elections to make certain Joe was not elected. She was not satisfied with arresting him and plastering his face all over the internet, TV and at the S & S store but she had to send people over that tried to make me violate the terms of his election, then she came by and took photos of our signage. When we took the easy out, she wanted to place both of us in jail and put together some false information making everyone believe we were criminals. She followed up with the ASA and the State’s Attorney telling everyone what a bad boy Joe was. What she did not realize is that there was only one agreement that could have been broken and using a blog was our constitutional right. But of course if she could fabricate a criminal case against us, then we could both go to prison, finally silencing us of our constitutional rights.

This is the lady that wanted a $30M bond and felt it could be paid for with life insurance on each of us so when we die, the Town would have money to pay it back.

She even plotted with the attorney and although we did not have his side of these mysterious e-mails, the one was proof enough. The attorney also made the statement in the Jasper News that we were both up for further criminal charges and that was published for all to see. Yet we had not been arrested but in White Springs as one bail bondsman told me, White Springs can get you arrested, even if you follow the law.

Joe Griffin was always on her mind and she had to force all those working under her to try and file further charges against him and me. Like Hilary Clinton, she has probably wiped her server clean because she refused to turn over e-mails for months.

She even based all those letters her husband wrote on crap the girls in the office told her. There is nothing she really ever researched and only was given hearsay evidence which she used in her affidavit. An MBA should know better but alas, she is one of the women in White Springs and Joe is always on her mind.

It is quite evident the Town is equally responsible because all the council persons allowed the former mayor and police department to do what they did to us. The only thing they tried to retract was the famous letter the former mayor wrote that stated we belonged in prison. Yet, they apparently agreed that our Civil Rights should be taken away and did a good job of trying to take it away.

Please ladies, Joe is mine and you have to get over him. You obviously like what you believe in him as his “bad behavior” and frankly that is a figment of your imagination. He cannot always be on your mind.

Karin for the blog

And really, we know everyone makes mistakes but Mayor Miller during the prior four years promised that she would do a better job than in than in the past and even realized how important public records were when ordering them through us. And although she kept putting the rehiring of the firefighters back and forth on the agenda, she did not handle the matter the first year telling me that only one thing can be done at a time and we need an attorney first. Well I accepted it but when I found that the Sunshine Laws are again being broken and we are returning to 2015, it does not make me happy and history is coming out.

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