The RHATT Pack Watch Day 249

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 249


Today is Sunday, December 30th, Day 249 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Wouldn’t 2019 be a wonderful year if White Springs finally was rid of corruption?
Wouldn’t it be nice if Town Hall suddenly felt Law Enforcement’s eruption?
Where the Red-face Ratt, his  Lapdog and Cousin Ken handling of LOFT funds were construed felonies
And the Third Judicial Circuit could no longer protect them from the State thus becoming enemies
And the department of Revenue decided that in addition to the criminal indictments
The councilors except for one, Miller, would have to pay back the $700,000 which would bring forth excitement
Since the Red-Faced Ratt, his Lapdog and Cousin Ken should have known better
The State realizes that this misspending  was willful and wanton and makes each the citizen’s debtor
The Ratt and the Lapdog now have a perplexing problem which can’t be resolved easily
While Suck-up Mayor Lofty, Mindless Tanja, Sleezy Willie and Walter wonder what will happen to them legally
In the meantime Cousin Pam has been relieved of her job as Town Clerk and Finance Director
Pleading her ignorance and stating she was only following directions hoping she doesn’t see a state Collector
The Ratt then in an attempt to clear his name blames his Lapdog for mishandling of Town Assets
While at the same time the Ratt asks about Malpractice which gives Cousin Ken the Sweats
The Lapdog then turns on the Ratt and brings up his proclivities with Young Fondlings
And demands that Cousin Tracy provide FDLE with the evidence relating to the surroundings
Cousin Tracy refuses to assist the Lapdog because she knows she’ll never get another job
It would mean the loss of her license because she also helped Cousin Andrew in protecting Cousin Bob
Mindless and Suck-up Lofty wouldn’t help the Lapdog either
Because the Ratt has told them he will make certain that the law would squeeze her
But then additional agents came and played hardball
And made certain the Lapdog, Cousin Tracy  and the Councilors were banned from Town Hall
As the agents went through the books and checked various files
They realized the Lapdog and the Councilors except one would have to go through trials
In the meantime they found where money was embezzled from LOFT to pay an employee who did not work
And that legal expenses were paid from LOFT funds to protect the Lapdog whose drugs were making her berserk.
They found that Cousin Andrew was paid for two hours work and had a fire SUV for his personal use
And the Lapdog said Cousin Andrew should be arrested for hiding evidence and about his sexual abuse
Of course there was no evidence except it was obvious Cousin Andrew was being paid for something
And it made sense to the Agents that obviously Cousin Andrew was extorting the Ratt for more than touching
So an investigative team went through the paperwork of the Police Department
And decided to speak to the young man who stole the Ratts Computer to make the Ratt a target
And it worked because the young man gave the agents the specifics
So more juveniles were able to testify about the Ratt which was considered horrific
Not only was the Ratt in a pinch for his ignorance of the law as a lawyer
But now he faced charges about his predatory behavior as a life destroyer
The Ratt was arrested for various criminal counts
And the Lapdog was also placed in a set of pink hand cuffs
Mindless , Suck-up Lofty and Sleezy Willie then decided their only chance was to sue
And with the help of Walter, the four hired an Attorney to pursue


A Malpractice Case against Cousin Ken for his instructions on how to spend LOFT
While each of the councilors had to split the attorney’s cost
Om the meantime the Department of Revenue stopped all LOFT payments to the Town
And because the roads in Town required work the County was asked to Crack Down
By handling some of the LOFT funds no longer going to the Town at this late date
To get some of the critical areas fixed for which the County would receive reimbursement from the State
The Governor then appointed a new set of councilors to join Miller
Realizing that she was the only one who has fought against corruption as well as another Town Pillar
Cousin Ken had numerous problems when he realized the councilors were suing him
His malpractice insurance was only for $500,000 and $700,000 was requested by them
So Cousin Ken had no choice but to secure an Attorney to sue Hatton, the Town Lawyer
After all Hatton did not review what was necessary for her employer
Soon the new Council under Miller decided to make certain all these individuals were terminated
The Lapdog, Cousin Andrew, Cousin Pam and Cousin Tracy were no longer part of the Town for which the Citizens celebrated
While the Agents straightened out the cooked books,
a new finance director was hired to straighten out the checkbooks
Multiple charges were made against the Ratt and the Lapdog were reached
And with criminal charges, the lLapdog’s contract was breached
Cousin Andrew turned against Cousin Steve
Who also was no longer the Fire Chief
Finally White Springs had a fire department with Kevin Pittman as their Chief
While the brotherhood of firefighters again returned to the Station  to turn a new leaf
The State would make certain the Money would be paid back
So that in the future all roads and infrastructure finally will be on track
That’s what happens to crooks who do not have your fiduciary interest
They can no longer plead ignorant
But instead not only the councilors four will have to return money to the State
But the Ratt and the Lapdog have been determined to have to pay the largest share to date
Because the Ratt will be incarcerated with the Lapdog, the drug dealers need to earn their money elsewhere
While the people of White Springs are grateful that their children again may be safe and give a thankful prayer
Anita Rivers again has been hired, this time as the Town Clerk, eliminating the position held by Yvonne
A Citizen took over the position as temporary Town Manager since Stacy Tebo finally is gone
The budget is tight, but at least the Citizens have finally been told the truth
They may have some or the same rates for a while, but in the long run there will be no corruption by budgets or in the voting booth
The State will work with the new staff to assure things get better for the long run
And in the meantime the County will assist with the roads and infrastructure will be done

Have a safe and happy New Year and remember nothing too good or too bad lasts for two long.  So it is time to be rid of the Ratt and his Cousins once and for all and we all have the power to get rid of the corruption.   It’s Day 249 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!


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