The RHATT Pack Watch Day 245

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 245


Today is Wednesday, December 26th, Day 245 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


It has now been three quarters of a year since the Red-face Ratt and his “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Town Manager Tebow completed the destruction of the White Springs Fire Department.    A couple of years back, the State Fire Marshal made a routine visit to White Springs.  He concluded the Town’s Fire Department was deficient in a number of regards.


The Town was given an opportunity to correct the problem areas or face desertification  As a result, then Town Manager, Farley, dismissed then Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve for his operation of a Fire Station brothel, arranged for the construction of a temporary enclosed temperature controlled structure for the Fire Department’s pumper, sought funding for a permanent new Fire Station and hired a new Fire Chief and began recruiting and arranging the training of a fully staffed volunteer Fire Department.


When the Ratt and the Lapdog took power, Chief Pittman and a well qualified volunteer firefighter force were in place, the Department of Forestry had provided significant additional fire fighting equipment to Chief Pittman, funding for a new Fire Station had been secured, a facility design had been completed, all permits and contractors were in place and construction was about to start.  Within a couple of months, the Fire Department moved into it’s new quarters.  Neither the Ratt nor the Lapdog had lifted a single finger to put White Springs first class Fire Department in place.  Chief Pittman continued to secure additional equipment and upgrade the skills and expertise of the firefighters.


One morning the Ratt woke up and realized Chief Pittman had just acquired two new fire department passenger vehicles, one for the Fire Chief and one for other firefighters.  For the past year, the Ratt had been trying to give a vehicle to “Cousin” Bob’s former BoyToy and evidence destroyer, “Cousin” Andrew for his personal use.  The Ratt instructed the Lapdog to order Chief Pittman to give one of the vehicles to “Cousin” Andrew.  Chief Pittman pointed out that “Cousin” Andrew was a substandard firefighter who rarely showed up for a fire and when “Cousin” Andrew did show up, he placed other firefighters at risk.  Chief Pittman declined.


The Ratt ordered Pittman terminated,”Cousin Andrew to be given the title of Fire Marshal and to be given the chief’s vehicle and a set of Town credit cards.  All of the volunteer fire fighters resigned in protest.  The Ratt ordered the Lapdog to rehire the disgraced “Cousin” Steve to be Fire Chief.  It turns out “Cousin” Steve has a massive conflict of interest with his full-time employment with Century Ambulance Services.


For the first half year or so, “Cousin” Steve did nothing to rebuild the Fire Department.  However, under pressure from the “Watch” and White Springs’ residents, “Cousin” Steve developed a list he claims are now White Springs firefighters.  IT’S A JOKE!!!   They are all “Out of Towners”.  Not one of the firefighters on the list lives within 20 miles of White Springs.  Several live over 50 miles from Town.


You know not a single one will show up if there’s a fire at your house.  If they do, the house will have burned to the ground by the time they get there.  It’s a complete illusion so the Town can submit reports to the State Fire Marsha.  The truth is unincorporated Genoa, besides providing fire protection for themselves, is providing their volunteer firefighters to protect White Springs.


If you want a real Fire Department, you need to get involved.  Normally Hamilton County provides supplemental funding to the Town for responses to fires in the area outside of White Springs.  The Ratt and Lapdog proposed accepting the Counties funds, but not responding to fires, with qualified firefighters.  They also don’t want to send firefighters to County Training, because they don’t have any real firefighters in White Springs.  You can change this.  Elect candidates who care, are honest and competent and will work hard to meet your needs.  Start by helping cleanup White Springs.  Report all corruption to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Beware of fires and do not expect help from the White Springs Fire department, the Lapdog or the Ratt.  It’s Day 245 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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