The Rhatt Pack Watch  Day 242

The Rhatt Pack Watch

Day 242


Today is Sunday, December 23, Day 242  of the Rhatt Pack Watch!


May you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Posadas Navidenas or Solstic with happiness and  joy to you and yours

Whether you are with family or with a few friends, associates or spending time by yourself,  it is your time to celebrate  in the manner in which you feel most comfortable


Whether you celebrate Hanukkah representing the Maccabean revolt in Egypt by lighting eight candles with a menorah to honor the holiday.


Whether you celebrate Posadas Navidenas or Solstice as Wicca and Pagan believers to honor the winter born King symbolized by the rebirth of the sun


Whether you have turkey or ham with cranberry sauce, kielbasa, cabbage dishes, surf and turf, Lasagna  or tamales


Whether you decorate a Christmas Tree with popcorn or store bought ornaments and lighting or just hang a wreath


Whether you go through the trouble of making a Gingerbread House or placing together spritz and other holiday cookies for all to enjoy


Whether you purchased your Christmas decorations from Christmas Shops in MA, CT, RI, VT, NH and ME or if you just picked them up at WalMart or Big Lots


Whether you send out Christmas Cards, or  enjoy singing Christmas Carols or giving a Christmas Pickle


Whether you decorate the outside of your home with lights and statues, snowmen and reindeer


Whether you leave cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve


Whether you drive by to see your Town’s Christmas Lights, your Park’s lights or just the various decorated homes


Whether you go to the Hawaiian Islands and wait for Santa who is called Kanakaloka or  sail to your favorite  island in the Caribbean


Whether you attend a Mummer’s Day Parade or listen to String Bands or watch fancy Brigades in Philadelphia


Or whether you view the luminarias or farolitos in the Southwest


Whether you celebrate Papa Noel in Louisiana while enjoying the Mississippi River light bonfires along the levees


No matter what you do and No matter where you may go, we, at the “Watch”  wish you a very happy and Safe Holiday Season.


Ignore the Ratt during the Holiday Season and try to forget for just a short while what devastation has been done.  It’s Day 242 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet. The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.

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