The RHATT Pack Watch Day 240

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 240


Today is Friday, December 21st, Day 240 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Welcome to White Springs; Florida’s dirty little secret.  White Springs, quite possibly, is the Home of the Most Grinches in Municipal Government in the History of the State of Florida.


There’s something missing in White Springs this year.  Oh Yeah!  It’s the Town’s normal municipal infrastructure and your money.  The Grinches arrived in White Springs and have devoted their time and efforts to not only stealing Christmas, but also everything that wasn’t nailed down.    It all began when the Grinch Ratt came to power.  It took him a little time to recruit his “Gang of Three Grinches” including Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and illegal alien Suck-up “Mini-me Despot”Lofty, and hire his “Out of Towner” Grinch Lapdog “Just Keep Paying Me” Tebo, but he managed to get it done.  And as soon as Grinch Ratt got his team together, he began wasting, misusing and stealing, just about everything the Town had.


To test the waters to see what he could get away with, the Grinch Ratt and Grinch Lapdog began by embezzling what appears to be more than $150,000.  This was accomplished using an elaborate scheme dreamed up by the Grinch Ratt where the Lapdog created fraudulent invoices and ordered “Cousin” Pam to pay them by wire transfer.  Poof, your money was gone!  Since the White Springs Police Department had been neutered and they got away with it, the emboldened Grinches Ratt and Lapdog apparently decided to steal the Town blind.


Prior to the Grinch Ratt’s rise to power, development of the CR-129 / I-75 and US-6 / I-75 interchanges and negotiations of the Hamilton County/ White Springs LOFT revenue sharing agreement led to a dramatic increase in the funds to be received by the Town exclusively for use on roads and streets.  The LOFT funds began arriving just as the Grinch Ratt became Mayor.  The Grinch Ratt asked “Cousin” Ken to provide an opinion, in violation of State Statute, that the Town could not spend the funds on anything.   “Cousin” Ken who had kissed the Ratt’s ring complied.


This began the pilfering of nearly $750,000 for the benefit of the Grinch Ratt, his Grinch Gang, Grinch Lapdog and a bunch of Grinch “Cousins”.  If there ever was anyone who could move money rapidly from your pocket to his pocket, it’s the Grinch Ratt.  And he moved it all.


In fact, he, his Gang and the Lapdog were so busy with their LOFT funds feast, they screwed-up the Wastewater Rehabilitation project.  It was ignored and delayed.  As a result, when the Grinches were forced to move forward under public pressure, the delays resulted in project costs of at least an additional $1,000,000 which amounts to thousands of dollars in real money costs to every household and business in White Springs.


And then there was paying unqualified Grinch “Cousins” full time for part-time work and giving them Town vehicles and credit cards for their personal use.  Additionally, the Grinch Ratt decided it would be too much like work for his Grinch Sister Ratt., Chair of the Special Events Committee to undertake fundraising events for its activities, so he just gave away anything, she wanted for her special events.  What the heck, the Grinch Ratt didn’t care.  After all, it’s your money, not his.


Of course, there is no end in sight to the Grinches insatiable appetite for your money.  Only you can put an end to their Bacchanalian feast on the Town’s infrastructure and your money.  To Stop the Grinches, you need to get involved.  Do this by attending meetings, requesting information under the Freedom of Information Statute and exchanging information with your family and friends.


In meetings, stand up and speak out.  Illegal alien Suck-up Mini-Me Despot Mayor Lofty may have you manacled and removed from the meeting, but you should wear that as a badge of honor.   Let the Governor, the Legislature and the Ethics Commission know what happened.  Run for office or recruit candidates who are honest, caring and competent for Town Council.  And begin cleaning up White Springs by reporting all crime and corruption.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Beware of the Grinches Mindless, Suck-up, Lapdog and the Ratt.  It’s Day 240 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!


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