The RHATT Pack Watch Day 237

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 237


Today is Tuesday, December 18th, Day 237 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Every year at the end of November, everyone in White Springs and the surrounding regions get ready for the White Springs’ Christmas Parade which traditionally kicks off the Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park Festival of Lights. Historically, the Christmas Parade has been an activity of the Town’s Special Events Committee and the Festival of Lights, an activity of the Park and its Citizen Support Organization.  The Town and the Park normally work together and coordinate their activities to provide the most enjoyable and best possible experience for all those who participate in or those who watch the Christmas Parade and all who view the Festival of Lights.


Typically, the Christmas Parade starts at the Ogburn Ball Field and terminates in the Park with the viewing of the Lights and refreshments including hot-dogs, drinks and treats for everyone involved.


As you may know, the Red-face Ratt as part of his efforts to maintain absolute control over every aspect of White Springs installed his sister as head of the Special Events Committee.  Talk about Ratt-like incompetence!  That’s this year’s Special Event Committee.  Nothing the Special Events Committee has undertaken since the Ratt installed his sister, Like May Day, Veterans Day, or any other event including the Christmas Parade has been given the attention or competence it warrants.  It’s like everything else, the Police Department, Fire Department, Water and Wastewater Plants, Road and Streets and more, in White Springs, the Ratt just wants to destroy it all.


To help the Ratt’s sister, the Ratt instructed his “Gang of Three” members Mindless “Splain it to me” Vice Mayor Tanja and illegal alien Suck-up “Mini-Me Despot” Mayor Lofty to help with the Christmas Parade.  With these two involved, it virtually guaranteed failure.  As you already know, Steve Buscemi, lead actor in the Howard/Reiner “Watch” series had traveled to White Springs to be the Christmas Parade’s Grand Marshall.  However, the illegal alien Suck-up just couldn’t allow anyone, renown Hollywood actor or other, to be assigned a position of greater importance than his.  So he had his thugs detain Buscemi until the Christmas Parade was well under way, before Buscemi was rescued unharmed by Studio Security.


In the Park, Mindless was assigned the task of getting someone to cook the hot dogs.  Historically, cooking the hot-dogs has been the responsibility of “Cousin” Kenney and The Teddybear.  However, like the Ratt, Mindless decided to outsource this function to her “Cousins” in Jacksonville.  They didn’t show!  Instead of flavorful grilled “dogs”, Mindless provided flavorless boiley’s.  And because the Special Events Committee hadn’t bothered to raise any funds for events like this, they ran out of desserts and only had flat drinks.


In spite of the Ratt’s efforts to destroy another White Springs event, numerous great caring people put together a Christmas Parade without help from the Sister Rat run Special Events Committee.  And the Committee that is competent and cares for you, not a Sister Ratt one that destroys events.


You can change White Springs by getting involved.  Learn the issues facing White Springs.  Join a Committee! Run for Town Council or recruit a competent caring candidate.  Elect the best candidates, not “Cousins” who don’t care.  Help eliminate the criminals in Town Hall and on the Streets.  Provide information that will earn a pair of pink handcuffs for the Ratt.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904)138-7000.


Don’t Trust the Sister Ratt or the Ratt.  It’s Day 237 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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