The RHATT Pack Watch Day 235

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 235


Today is Sunday December 16, Day 235 of the Rhatt Pack Watch


The Lapdog has decided she needs more time off for the holidays
But needed the Town to buy her a few presents of her choice since she didn’t get a big raise
Designer sweaters, designer boots, presents for her friends and a honey ham to go
What fun it is to spend other People’s money and not your own dough


“Cousin” Pam is enjoying all of the marijuana e-cigarettes The Town bought her
So she can enjoy a very Merry Christmas with a lot of bother
Since Anita is gone, she’s been able to get high in the office again
The  Marijuana she believes helps her accounting since she’s feeling no pain


Idi Amin Dada Despot Lofty is doing what he can to please his wife
So maybe that special Christmas allowance from her will come to life
In the meantime the Lapdog ordered some gifts that he could give to his family
So he can feel important in spite of the fact that jobless, he makes no money naturally


Of course the Lapdog would not leave Mindless without a special gift
So some money from LOFT will be given to her if you get my drift
And Ratt is making certain that all of his “Cousins” will get a special treat
By ordering some special favorites from “Cousin” Brian which can’t be beat


“Cousin” Andrew and his Dominique plan to go to Tampa for the week
In the little Red Fire SUV where the Town will pay for his fuel, the little freak
The Ratt as a favor to “Cousin” Bob  is allowing to use the Wastewater Treatment Plant
To bring in some young fondlings which he and the “Cousin” Bob hope to enchant


The Ratt says “Ain’t the Holiday’s Great”
“That LOFT Money will give us one of the Best Holidays to Date”


Never, Never believe the Ratt will do anything for you other than steal.  Its day 235 and the Red-face Ratt has not resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.





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