The RHATT Pack Watch Day 227

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 227


Today is Saturday, December 8th, Day 227 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


The Red-face Ratt’s illegal alien Suck-up “Mini-Me Despot”  Lofty strikes again.


Back on November 30th, Steve Buscemi, star of the new series of the “Watch” made a surprise visit to White Springs.  According to several eye witnesses, Buscemi who has been extremely busy with the “Watch” shooting schedules, made time to travel to White Springs.  Apparently, he stopped by Fat Belly’s where he almost remained unnoticed for the better part of an hour.  However, when he exited in the parking lot, several observant fans who had recognized him were able to meet him and discuss the new series.


Buscemi, one of the most affable actors in Hollywood took time to explain the series goals for the first year and to provide a little insight in a couple of episodes. He indicated that shooting had been completed on the pilot and that it was in post production and should be airing soon.  He also said that he and the entire crew had been working around the clock on read-throughs, rehearsals and shooting schedules.  While he stated he hasn’t seen any of the finished product, the daily’s have been spectacular.


After about a half hour of discussions, Buscemi shook hands with everyone, posed for a number of fan selfies and signed autographs on anything his fans were able to put in front of him before he jumped into a waiting vehicle and was whisked away.  Before he drove away, several fans lucky enough to be there indicated that Buscemi opined that he had a number of sights he wanted to see and several obligations he needed to address prior to leaving late that night.  Buscemi has pointed out that he needed to return to L.A., get some rest and be on set before 5:00 am December 3rd for more work on the “Watch”.  He wished everyone a happy holiday season.


Apparently, Buscemi had traveled in White Springs to serve as Grand Marshall of th White Springs’ Festival of Lights Christmas parade.  Both Ran Howard and Rod Reiner had encouraged Buscemi to make the trip even though they understood how challenging the time demands would be with the “Watch’s  extremely tight shooting schedule, but they wanted to support the residents of White Springs and believed that it was an appropriate activity given the importance of this parade to White Springs.


However, as the old adage says, “No good deed goes unpunished”.  Enter illegal alien Suck-up “Mini Me Despot” Lofty.  Like all despots, he had to be the center of everything or he would destroy it.  So as time for the parade neared, illegal alien Despot Lofty had Buscemi detained by his thugs and hauled off to the rear of the ball field.  Once Buscemi was hidden out of sight, illegal alien Despot Lofty mounted his great black charger and strode up US 41.  Absolutely no one was the least bit enthralled with an illegal alien riding in the parade.


Buscemi, unharmed, was rescued by Studio security personnel shortly thereafter.  Before leaving for his flight, Buscemi expressed his disappointment about not being able to participate in the parade in support of White Springs’ residents.  He also indicated, he wasn’t surprised by the aberrant behavior of the Ratt’s Suck-ups.  He added that the experience would provide more fodder for future “Watch” episodes and give him insight in portraying the Ratt’s inimical behavior and manner.


It’s unfortunate that someone like Buscemi makes time in his precious schedule and travels thousands of miles to support you and this illegal alien Despot crashed it.  You can do something it White Springs.  Anyone of the Town Council that isn’t service you can be recalled.  Get involved NOW.  Learn how the Ratt, his Lapdog and the “Gang of Three” are taking advantage of you. Run for office or recruit someone who cares about you and help clean up White Springs’ Crime. You know it’s there. Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Never, never put your trust in the Lapdog Tebow, Mindless Tanja, Despot Lofty or the Ratt. It’s Day 227 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet. The Rhatt Pack Watch Continues!

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