The RHATT Pack Watch Day 226

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 226


Today is Friday, December 7th, Day 226 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Welcome to White Springs; Florida’s dirty little Secret.  White Springs, quite possibly, may be the home of the Most Devious and Insincere Town Councilor/Mayor in the History of the State of Florida.


As you know, Daddy Bobby’s estranged little boy, Ratt Bullard, ran for and was elected to the White Springs Town Council a few years ago.  The Red-face Ratt began immediately to form his “Gang of Three”.  Once Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and Sell-out Willie agreed to join his “Gang”, the Ratt sought to become Mayor at the earliest opportunity.


Let’s take a look at what the Ratt has done or not done for the citizens of White Springs.


Recall the Ratt is the treasurer for the Hamilton County Chamber of Cmmerce whose mission is to support local businesses and citizens.  Well in White Springs, he’s done anything but that.


Take his “Out of Towner” Lapdog, “Just keep paying me ” Tebow.  She’s not a resident of White Springs and still lives about 200 miles away.  All she cares about is stealing as much of your money as possible.  She doesn’t give a hoot about you.


In fact, every one that’s been hired since the Ratt came into power has been hired from Out of Town; most often using devious tactics to ensure White Springs residents are unaware of openings.  Simply, these jobs are patronage jobs for “Cousins” and Boy’Toys for the Ratt.


But look at the Ratt elsewhere.  In Jasper, the Ratt directed a contract for legal services to his “Out of Town” Law School room-mate, who it has been rumored took exams for the Ratt.


Or consider the Nepotism Authority.  The Ratt orchestrated the    outsourcing of key support contracts to a couple of his buddies from Mississippi.


Or how about the Chamber of Commerce itself?  At the most recent Chamber dinner, the Ratt outsourced everything to individuals and entities outside of Hamilton County, including its food service to Valdosta, its entertainment to Jacksonville and its speaker to Atlanta.  Not a simple activity for the dinner was acquired from a qualified and competent Hamilton County person or organization.


The Ratt doesn’t care one iota for anyone in Hamilton County.

White Springs, if you think the Ratt may change in the future, don’t hold your breath.  The Ratt is interested in one thing and one thing only.  The Ratt’s sole interest is your money and young fondlings.  He doesn’t care about improving White Springs and the services available to you.  Heck, it’s the exact opposite.  The Ratt doesn’t want to implement something that costs money.  He, his Lapdog and “Gang of Three” only want to waste, misuse or steal as much of your money as possible.


Drive around town and take a look at what $750,000 in Local Option Fuel Tax revenues has done.  There are about $2,000 worth of patches in all of white Springs.


Oh yeah, there’s about 100 feet of drainage ditches on both sides of a street that were cleaned.  This is Something the County could have done in an hour or less with existing equipment, but the Ratt had to waste $60,000 on an unneeded piece of equipment to accomplish this feat.


The Ratt treats everyone like they are mushrooms –  He keeps everyone in the dark and tries to feed everyone Bull S__t.     Fortunately, every resident in White Springs isn’t being mislead by the Ratt’s obfuscations.  Everyone knows what he, his lapdog and his “Gang” are doing and they are not about to be hoodwinked.


Want a change White Springs?  Get involved, become informed, run for or recruit competent candidates for Town Council and eliminate the “Gang of Three” and the “Out of Towners”.  Start by ridding White Springs of all Crime and Corruption, both in Town Government and in public.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  Special agents are waiting for your call.


Don’t hold your breath waiting on anything positive for White Springs from the Ratt.   It’s Day 226 and the Red-Face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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