The RHATT Pack Watch Day 221

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 221


Today is Sunday, December 2nd, Day 221 of the Rhatt Pack Watch

So White Springs, will you use your vote to end corruption next April?
And we surely know that the  Ratt and Mindless won’t  go out graceful?
It is time you realized what your votes have done to White Springs’ history
And it is time you changed that to finally have a White Springs victory
You voted in councilors who had no problem with retaining a pedophile as a Manager
And a Mayor who said he may be a pedophile but as for now, he is our ambassador
This manager all elected council members allowed him to have his way with especially inmates
Not concerned that the Department of Corrections would consider our Town a disgrace


You also voted in a Councilor who pretended that he cared for the poor
By providing a food bank but it was soon found he robbed the Store
He gave the poor only a portion of what he received from his food sources
And kept the rest for his Adult living Center so he would not have to pay for food resources


You voted for the Red-face Ratt because you felt an Attorney surely would be honest
But what you found out is that this Ratt definitely was not flawless
He bribed you, he stole money from you, brought in drug dealers, and lied to you
While every form of corruption one could possibly imagine definitely grew


Then you brought in good ole Willie whose Son was allowed to steal from you
And Willie would never admit wrong but he would hide what was stolen while the crimes grew
Because he was a Deputy Sheriff’s and with the Ratt’s help, he made certain others would be caught
But not his family and friends, nor would they have to pay because he had ways since he was a dirty cop


And then there is Mindless “Splain it to me” who you have voted in forever
Mindless told you the only good council would be where the Whites were not center
But She followed the Ratt letting him do anything he pleased
Including special favors for the Cousins only while you Citizens, they could readily deceive


Then there is now  Suck-up “Idi Amin Dada Mini-Me Despot” Lofty
Who when the Ratt allowed him control he couldn’t find a project that wasn’t costly
He made certain those who disagreed with him were manacled and removed
While he helped the Ratt make threats and bribes while their detractors were subdued


And then there is Ms.Woody who has quite a mouth on her but pretends she is an upstanding citizen
She’s great at lying and telling stories but while in office the high utility taxes she added certainly will remain imminent
She made certain the Public Library was not in an area where it could be easily accessed
For having it near the Black section of Town would have caused her a real abscess


And then there is dear Walter who at one time was in his own Gang of Three
This included Hardwick and McKire who made certain they did not follow the law to any degree
But you especially loved the mayor but, what you did not realize is that you had been lied to all along
And that the prior Gang of Three made certain their lawlessness would forever prolong


We had so many different councilors who were mostly Walter’s clan
They never promised you anything and never made a decent plan
And why did they have installed only eight inch sewer piping on Mill?
Because it saved the Town six or so thousand dollars while their own agenda they could fulfill


And what have all of these Councilors done to help you or the Town?
They have misspent your money and whatever else during their tenure could find around.
Everyone especially believed that by voting for the color of one’s skin
Made a Councilor, although ignorant and lawless, a major win


There are so many more you have voted in
 Who have taken every advantage to hurt you and your kin
Why is it that you can’t seem to see what they are doing?
Or don’t you care that it is you and your family that they are “screwing”?


You complain about the former Mayor’s son’s Brothel and all of the Street Drugs
But don’t seem to mind that White Springs is now becoming one of the worse Slums
You know that you could stand up and do something to stop the illicit crimes
The Stabbings, the Shootings, the Lack of the Police and finally say “who cares if the Town declines”


Remember these problems just didn’t start yesterday and it is those who you have voted in office
Who have done nothing to get rid of the corrupt and uneducated staff and bosses
Instead they do nothing for your roads, your streets, your sidewalks  or your children’s safety
While the ones you voted for pay these people to do nothing and they forever remain lazy
Aren’t the Councilors and the Town Staff meant to serve you?
So why are you continually finding excuses and ending up serving this illicit coup?
It is time you looked at a candidate’s abilities, their record and their honesty
And if you do the research, a good official may very well be a possibility.


Good people are fearful of running for office like our Coach Robinson
Because you seem to prefer those who lie about you which is definitely a problem
Surely you must be tired of the tyrants who lie and hurt citizens like Anita Rivers
Or trying to bribe our own Ms. Nikki for her honesty and giving them back what some delivers
We know there are many good people out there
Who do not have such a big ego and in their dealings would not provoke fear
You need to suggest these good people run for office
And if it is you who wishes to help White Springs, don’t fear just take out the lawless


It is time our council members worked for the benefit of all the people
Not just one council woman at present whose dealings are fair and legal
It takes an honest group of five
To allow our White Springs to survive


Be careful who you vote for and if history does not provide the answers, tell the officials to shape up or ship out in the next election.  You no longer can trust the Red-faced Ratt and Mindless so make certain you vote others in to take their place.  You have the power.  Hire a Council Member who serves you.


The Ratt, Mindless and the Gang of Three have Damaged White Springs and your pocketbook beyond belief.  It’s Day 221 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Ratt Pack Watch continues!.


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