The Recreation committee can split a log

The Recreation Committee by its President Nicole Williams has announced that Family Movie Night has again Started. There will be a Christmas Movie Night on December 21st at 6:00 PM. The Second movie will be Pre New Years at 6:30. There will also be a lunch with Santa at McDonalds. McDonalds has donated 25 meals for White Springs Kids and Family. Contact Nicole Williams or Town Hall once the Town’s phones are working. Unfortunately the date was not picked up by me.

Williams indicated that the HOPE Program fuel bank has never stopped but that the Town took back the two splitters which were donated specifically for the HOPE Program and donated by a benefactor. Also the Town took the Wood Carving Machine as well as the software which is stored at the Water Plant. This machine was intended for the HOPE Program Education.

A motion was made to return the two wood splitters and the Carving machine cart and software back to the Recreation committee for the HOPE program. Since Mayor Miller is involved with the HOPE program she had to abstain but Tonja Brown stated something which obviously was a “No”. Nevertheless the motions passed.

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