The Home Rule has no place in small communities

The more I read articles in the Jasper News the more I understand that the “Home Rule” does not work.  The people who wish to run these small towns simply do not have the skills to manage a Town much less a business.  And the crime is rampant; domestic violence, brothels, shootings, thefts, pedophiles and what not.  And what is sad is the fact that no one seems to care.

Now the Jennings Fire Department said they could handle the contract with Hamilton County whereas White Springs at the time, without Pittman and Brazil could not. Yet now the Fire Chief has been arrested (see Today’s Jasper News Article) for beating up a young person who is mentally challenged (Autistic) and apparently the entire Fire Department and the EMS likewise has picked on this person.  What is wrong with you people?  Don’t you have any morals?

Jennings is looking for a Town Manager while White Springs took an easy out by hiring someone with felonies and misdemeanors even though far in his past, who will not tell the truth and admit his background.  The council feels it’s great because they made him a consultant which he is not by Statute or the Town Charter but he answers each council member and does everything they dictate.  And when Joe or I point out that the law is not being followed, we are blamed for not giving people a chance.   Well, councilors, you are only as good as your weakest link so I would not point the fingers at the Griffins.  What were you people thinking?  We have a weak mayor/Town Manager form of government and  having each of the councilors telling our Town Manager what to do at each conceivable moment,  Interim or not is not the way government affairs are to be handled.

We worry about outside security of buildings and computers when we have some major issues to worry about.  We are broke, Jennings is broke and per the Jasper News the councilors in Jennings apparently feel their Police Chief has a problem in the Raulerson case.  By the way Raulerson’s firing was overturned by the Town Council per the Jasper news.

Now in Jasper the former Manager who threatened the Town Clerk is going after Margie Geddes for what was said at a public meeting which leads me to believe that not only does Williams have a screw loose but also his attorney.  Doesn’t anyone understand the laws.  This is First Amendment stuff and frankly even if Williams was going to try and say he had a personal injury claim, he would have to prove that he didn’t belong in the loony bin and that his reputation was stellar which it was not, so any loss he suffered was of his own doing.  He was a public servant and obviously did not handle his job and threatened not only members of the public but his employees.

In White Springs we just spend and spend and no one follows any laws.  Although we are now restricting LOFT funds, we are worrying about tourism when we don’t have a decent infrastructure and can’t afford even a lift station so that the Motel owned by Scott Gay could operate as a business.

There is no Water pressure at SHE and there are new owners. 

Last Week our neighbor from California came to Town and not only had to hire a plumber but a sewer contractor to dig up the pipes.   There were no couplings connecting the pipes at either end and one of the pipes to the neighbor’s house next to Sharon and Jamies was plugged.   This was a contractor’s error when the pipes were put in on Mill Street and by the way the Town has smaller pipes on Mill Street because they tried to cut costs.  But the real problem is that for years excrement and urine has been going into the aquifer.  And we wonder why so many people are developing cancer if they cannot afford water

Not only that but on Woody’s property at the intersection of 136 and 41, that car wash would be shut down by the EPA.  Now we have oil and God knows what being washed and into the aquifer.   Doesn’t any of the councilors have logic in White Springs?

All this time we wonder what is wrong with our water and the answer was found by Sharon, who has spent thousands of dollars and this should not be her problem but the Town’s and the former contractors for construction defects.  Obviously the contractor didn’t even see fit to attach couplings to each side of the pipes.   And where was our interim Town Manager?   Curtis Johnson and Ray Vaughn were here but where was he?  This is the first Town Manager that does not know what is happening in his town but should be at these types of emergencies. 

Then we have this tiny building which is supposed to be a community center with standing room only, in my opinion, and then we now need it hurricane proof which will cost another $48,000 which we do not have and that doesn’t cover any chattel property.  What is White Springs thinking?

No none of these Small Town’ Council Members and Managers seem to be able to manage their Towns and it it sad indeed.  At least Jasper has a good Town Manager and a group of great Commissioners and staff.  Otherwise Hamilton County is quite grim.

No the Home Town Rule does not work.  Too many egos and too many people who do not wish to hear the truth or admit they are wrong are running these towns.  How depressing and frustrating is it to some of us who cannot believe it is happening.


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