The Christmas Parade and the Non White Springs Firemen

White Springs Christmas Parade

Thomas Brazil

AttachmentsDec 2, 2018, 4:19 PM (4 days ago)

to me
Karin, Just another example of what I am talking about. The attached photo is off the WSFD Facebook page. You will note Andrew & wife finally showed up for something outside Monday through Friday 7a-3p, but I digress. If you look at the participants from WSFD pictured you will note that other than Steve Stith and his live in house girl, NONE of the “Firefighters” pictured live anywhere near White Springs. In fact the gentlemen on the far right works for Nassau County FD and lives in Callahan Fl. This is a joke just to have a member roster and say White Springs has a Fire Department. Steve’s response will there is no requirement to live in White Springs, but anyone with a lick of sense knows volunteers responding for 15 to 20 miles away is a joke particularly with our trailers and wood homes in this community. They would be ash before any of these people arrived to fight a fire.

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