Thank you to the former WS firefighters who assisted me with information – Tebo Greene and Bullard – y’all need to back off

To the staff and official trouble makers who go after our former White Springs volunteer firefighters, understand I asked for information regarding our fire department and I am pleased that a couple of former firefighters responded.  However, I have pulled one which stated it all and all information received from these firefighters including your contacting their employers, etc. is now in the hands of the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners.   It is sad our Town has to lie to protect Andrew Greene’s ego that he’s an Assistant Fire Chief.

FD Contract with County

Thomas Brazil 
Nov 30, 2018, 9:46 PM (14 hours ago)


Just want to give you some facts and information before you go to the Hamilton County BOCC meeting on the 4th.

  1. The infamous WSFD 10 member list. Most listed members are certified volunteer (Fire 1) or certified Fire 2 and many are even EMT’s, or Paramedics. However, most are Century Ambulance employees and work for Chief Steve in Lake City. Steve ask them if he could put their names on the WSFD roster to say he has members. None live in or near White Springs to respond to fire calls, and most have no intention of ever responding to a White Springs fire call. Most live in Lake City, 1 as far away as Callahan, FL and 1 in Alachua County.


  1. WSFD has done no training since Steve became Chief the trucks never move. The comment about WSFD having to do “double training” if they train monthly with Hamilton County FD is just that ludicrous! There will be no training unless the County provides it, requires it, and documents it. It won’t be double training as WSFD has done no training under Stave. It will simply be no training.
  1. WSFD going from and ISO rating of 10 to 5 was because of the documentation of training and personnel & equipment certifications Kevin Pittman did, not because of Steve, but Steve does take the credit.
  1. All Hamilton County Fire Departments should be treated the same. They should train and work together because they are going to fighting fires together, as no one FD in Hamilton County has enough personnel for a major incident in Hamilton County.

Therefore they should all conform to Hamilton County standard operating procedures.

  1. The contract should definitely have the clause, you don’t respond you don’t get money from the County, PERIOD! What the White Spring Council and Tebo want is money for nothing to squander elsewhere.
  1. The contract should require any funds allocated from the County for WSFD be accounted for and spent only on WSFD, with a periodic report from White Springs to the Hamilton County BOCC on how the funds have been expended. Otherwise by by money off to the White Springs black hole.
  1. Tebo’s comment, why does it need to be a certified fire fighter who responds to a down tree. Well what if there are power lines involved? What if the tree is on a house? There are too many variables to say send an untrained / uncertified person to this type of call because you don’t actually know what you actually have until you arrive at the scene. What if a fire call comes in while on the scene of the downed tree. This stupid statement shows just how little Tebo really knows or cares about public safety.

Just my thoughts

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