Thank God the Hamilton County Board of Comissioners know what they are doing because….

It is amazing how the Town of White Springs and even the Hamilton County School Board ignore their Insurance companies’ requests to implement Loss Prevention / Loss Control. That is not the case with Hamilton County who abides by insurance requirements.
The School Board carries insurance through the AIG in a special program for which I am very familiar with the AIG’s requirements. Even the Florida Municipal Insurance Trusts has requirements to include Loss Control. Yet Johnny Bullard shows concerns about increasing liabilities to the Hamilton County Schools.

Let me give you an example of this travesty which if the insurance carriers would be aware, would not be very happy: The Town of White Springs co sponsored a basketball camp using the Hamilton County’s SHE Gym. And as such The Town was liable and not held harmless by Strong.

At the time, Hamilton County School Board only requested evidence of insurance. Clarence Strong under the Strong Foundation was operating and maintaining the basketball camps with volunteers under him and neither he or the foundation are provided insurance for these special events or otherwise. This means that since Mr. Strong did not secure the insurance under his foundation or his name individually, all liability as such will fall on the Town of White Springs and the Hamilton County School District since the South Hamilton Elementary is owned by Hamilton County School District, and we are talking children who could get hurt.

The Town of White Springs elected to absorb all losses in the event such incurred by including Mr. Strong and the Strong Foundation as the event but no protection was afforded the Town so the Town would be responsible in part as would Hamilton County Schools, not the School Board. Now the Town has never understood their responsibilities, especially about insurance so if the Town wishes the Liability, great, but Hamilton County Schools and the Hamilton County School Board should not be subject to liability because they are offering their premises free, and that is in accordance with their contract with the AIG.
I wrote to Michael Vinson of the Hamilton County School Board after hearing what Johnny Bullard stated and told him that the Hamilton County School Board should be listed as an insured under the Town of White Springs policy with FMIT since the Strong Foundation has no insurance.
The second problem is the AIG would require that the same limit of insurance as the Schools are covered for would be required from the Certificate Holder the Town of White Springs. FMIT’s limit is only $300,000, the bare minimum allowed under statute. Therefore the Certificate again is useless because it did not provide the same limits as the Schools have. Instead the Hamilton County School Board should have requested a Special Events or “Tulip” policy from the Town of White Springs listing the Strong Foundation and the Town of White Springs as insureds and the Hamilton County School District and the Hamilton County School Board as ADDITIONAL INSUREDS, SO THAT IN THE EVENT OF A LOSS, ALL WOULD BE COVERED AND THE PRIMARY INSURANCE WOULD NOT BE AFFECTED AND EVERY ENTITY WOULD BE COVERED AS REQUIRED BY THE INSURERS.
Instead, all we provided to the Hamilton County Schools was a certificate of insurance, not complying with each insurer’s requirements and of course my e-mail to Mr. Vinson was ignored. Instruction needs to be taken from Hamilton County which handles its insurance and loss control requirements.

So now we have Tommie Jones who is labeled as a “Consultant” by Mayor Helen Miller and the rest of the Council Members. Now the reason for this which has been agreed to by the Town Attorney (However, we have not seen the actual contract which has been requested) ia twofold:
1. If Tommie Jones was considered an “Employee” (which he is per my other articles under the blog) he would have to complete an Employment Application for the Town of White Springs. On that application there are two questions (a) Have you ever been convicted of a Felony or a First Degree Misdemeanor and (b) Have you ever pled nolo contendere or pled guilty to a crime which is a felony or a first degree misdemeanor. Both of which require explanations.
2. Right Now the Weak Mayor/Manager form of Government in accordance with the Charter does not need to be upheld because The Mayor mainly and the balance of the Councilors, except perhaps Tonja Brown, are able to tell Tommie Jones when they expect him at work, who she should call, what he should do, etc. No one is upholding the Manager’s duties in accordance with the Charter. Rather Tommie Jones is running errands and is essentially the puppet of the Council, mainly Mayor Miller. And if you would talk to any of the council members they would say, “But he is doing so good” and yes if he does everything one asks and does not even make a decision on his own these Councilors love it. In fact, and I am highly thankful of this, it was not Jone’s decision to hire the Fire Department but a dictate and one many of us waited for. But if he had utilized his Managerial dictates per the Charter, all hiring and firing is his to handle as an Employee. He would not have had to answer to the council for his apparently problem in communication with Preuter and have McKenzie assist him.

Now, let’s talk just briefly as to another reason Jones is not a Consultant. Jones is not providing his own work place whether his home or otherwise, and he is not providing his own General Liability Insurance, and Professional Liability Errors and Omissions Insurance. Jones is exempt from providing his own Workers Compensation Insurance by Florida Law since he is or would be a “sole proprietor” as a consultant. But since he is NOT a consultant but an employee, will the Town of White Springs cover him for an injury for lifting all that paperwork Stacy left?

I just do not understand ignorance and I understand Mayor Miller’s husband is some form of consultant and I am certain he does not wish to be personally liable as a consultant by not securing the appropriate insurance. But yet Mayor Miller claims someone to be a consultant but dictates what Jones can and cannot do, his hours, the amount of money he is paid, etc. What a Clusterf&%$.

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