Tebo wants a Two year contract and a $3000 raise

The Town Manager’s contract was changed last year and is up for execution on December 12, 2017.  Stacy Tebo wishes to change the twelve month contract to a two year contract, similar to what the Manager of Jasper wished before he threatened Jennifer Hightower with a gun.  I do not believe she should have a Two year contract.  No manager prior to her has ever had a two year contract.
Ms. Tebo’s salary has remained at $55,000 for the last three years and she now wishes her salary increased by $3,000 to $58,000.  Does that mean Ms. Tebo will spend more time in White Springs?  I doubt it.  Do you believe Ms. Tebo will not be taking every Friday off as she has been doing against that which is in her contract?  I certainly do.  Do you Believe Ms. Tebo will stop taking week and two week vacations that she has not coming?   I rather doubt it because she likes NO SHOW FRIDAYS  NO SHOW MONDAYS NO SHOW WEEKS AND NO SHOW EXTRA HOLIDAY WEEKS.    These additional days and weeks are paid for by the Tax Payers.  Ask yourself; Do you think that your employer would pay for all the time she has taken off since she has started as Town Manager for White Springs?   She is being paid more than any other Town Manager in the history of White Springs and what has she accomplished?  Not a heck of a lot in my opinion nor from the facts.


And apparently all staff including Yvonne will lie for Ms. Tebo not realizing that Tebo is stealing money from the Town by her absenteeism.


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