Tebo awarded $168,865.53 from the City of DeBary and her attorney received $118,634.47 for a total award of $287,500

Although Stacy Tebo did not win the Discrimination case against DeBary, She did win the Retaliation case whereby after the Mediation a Settlement Agreement and General Release has been entered into.

Although the City of DeBary denied any liability and any and all of the allegations made by the Plaintiff both the Defendant and Plaintiff Stacy Tebo have agreed to fully and finally settle all differences between them, including but not limited to any differences that were or could have been embodied in or related to the pending lawsuit, and/or that may have arisin in any way during or out of Tebo’s employment relationship with the Defendant, the City of DeBary, through the date of this agreement.

In consideration of the premises and mutual promises  and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Plaintiff and Defendant agree to settle all claims in this case as follows:


Payment to Plaintiff Stacy Tebo:   In consideration for the undertakings of Ms. Tebo under this agreement and her agreement to be legally bound by its terms, Defendant, the City of DeBary, agrees that within twenty (20) days after full execution of this Agreement by Ms. Tebo, the City of DeBary will make the following payments:

$ 118,634.47, payable to Ms. Tebo’s Attorney, Martha A. Chapman, P. A. for attorney’s fees and costs; and

$   84,432.76; to Stacy Tebo by 1099 as personal damages;  and

$   84,432.77 to Stacy Tebo by W-2 as lost wages, less appropriate payroll taxes.


The Payment Discharges all of the City of DeBary’s Obligations.   The Agreement shall not in any way be construed as an admission by the City of DeBary that they have acted wrongfully with respect to Stacyy tebo or any other persons, or that Ms. Tebo has any rights whatsoever against the City of Debary, except as set forth in the Agreement.


As you will recall, Ms. Tebo charged the City of DeBary with retaliation, which the courts have difficulty not providing especially when Ms. Tebo was fired by Dan Parrott, the City Manager, AFTER her EEOC complaint.  Now that was not the reason for her firing, but the Court of Appeals could not find proof that it was not the reason Ms. Tebo was fired.

Now what is interesting is that Ms. Tebo and Officer Tracy Rodriquenz, forced John Davis to resign not because he did anything unbecoming of a police officer, but rather because he left his Code Enforcement position by reason of Tonja Brown’s requirements that he follow her orders relative to the Trailer Park.  Although this is being looked at by the Ethics Commission, Mr. Davis, likewise had a retaliation claim against the Town of White Springs and then Town Manager Stacy Tebo for what was done to him in retaliation of resigning from his Code Enforcement position.


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