Steve needs to quit being a Coward and tell the Council the truth

It’s a shame.  Today apparently fire trucks came through White Springs from Genoa and we saw one from Columbia County.  Everyone knows we do not have a fire department.

What I do not understand is why Steve Stith cannot stand his ground by telling Stacy Tebo and Rhett Bullard that he cannot remain as Fire Chief and that Kevin Pittman should be hired again so we have a fire department.  Why ruin your reputation Steve?  Be Honest and forthright.

Andrew Greene knows he should not be a firefighter and the only reason he is is so that he can have the Fire Red SUV for his personal use which is not justified.  Andrew Greene needs to be removed from the fire department and Steve Stith needs to stop being a coward.  He has a good job with Century; why take the small amount of money paid as a Fire Chief when he knows he is not earning it whatsoever, to the detriment of the Citizens of White Springs..

I provided Hamilton County with everything I had and Steve Stith did not disagree with what I stated.  Please quit being a coward and be honest with Rhett Bullard because surely you are strong enough, Steve, to not let Rhett or Stacy bully you.


Karin for the blog

P.S.  The Gang of Three councilors and Stacy really looked stupid with their comments.  They actually believe WSFD actually trains, etc.  What a Joke or is it your  intent Steve to allow them to be as stupid and ignorant as they are about the WSFD.   Please quit and allow the Citizens of White Springs a Fire Department.  Andrew isn’t worth it!!   Andrews Daddy must be so proud!!

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