Spencer Lofton, you have done nothing for White Springs so quit condemning those who have

Spencer Lofton, you have a lot of nerve condemning a Woman Councilor who has done so much for the People of White Springs.  Helen Miller has made certain the Children have had an after school program and a summer program which has enriched their lives.  She had not asked the Town for any money but rather had a personal benefactor who donated money through a Grant each year.  Not only that, but the Millers have provided wood to those who needed it to keep warm in the winter.  The work was done by the Millers who used the Log Splitter which was purchased through Grant Funding but which the Town removed, so now the Millers and we the Citizens will have to secure money to buy one so that wood may be provided to the citizens in need.

What have you done Spencer Lofton other than to bring your friend the extortionist into our Town to not only get an additional $3,000 from Helen Miller’s Donor but $3,000 from the Town of White Springs.  You don’t care about the Children of this Town or those who are in need of Wood to keep warm.  You condemned Helen Miller but she did nothing wrong to have been ousted from her seat and frankly sir, you have done nothing right.

Instead of providing something to the Citizens, you want to take their money away with your pie in the sky ideas of renovating South Hamilton Elementary, which needs Millions in repairs plus there is insufficient water pressure in the event of a fire.  And the Town doesn’t own the building and if you thing investors are stupid enough to invest in a building you do not own, you really need a psychiatrist.

Start giving to the citizens instead of taking their money and spending it on stupid things.

And don’t you ever condemn Helen Miller who has done so much for the Town of White Springs along with her husband, than you ever will.  All you did when you worked the Summer program was make certain you and your wife took a good salary.  You don’t care about the People of White Springs or their Children and in most cases you are a total racist.  You feel White Children should not be allowed in the Summer Program.


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