Rhett and Spencer brought a Con Artist and Extortionist into our House

Spencer Lofton and Rhett Bullard brought a Scam Artist into the Citizen’s house (Town Hall) and paid this extortionist $3,000 of the Citizens money for no reason whatsoever.  Befaithful Coker had two prior bankruptcies in Georgia and after eight years is again filing bankruptcy.  I wonder if she cashed the $3,000 check from the Grant Donor or if she is holding out on the bankruptcy court.  These councilors, the Gang of Three, should be so proud that they gave in to an extortionist who has sued everyone including Governor Rick Scott and the Secretary of State, not winning even one of her pro see cases.

You might be interested in her creditors:

Alltran Financial LP of Houston TX

Alltran Financial LP of Houston TX

Amazon/Calvary SPV I, LLC of Margate FL

Befaithful Coker (as owner of a business)


Brett M. Borland, Atlanta GA

Calvary SPV of Valhalla, NY

City of Douglasville GA

City of Lake City

Columbia County Tax Clector


Florida Department of Revenue, Bankruptcy Unit

Florida Power and Light, Miami, FL

Home Depot

Huhn and Kahn, LLP of Margate FL

J.C. Penney’s Credit Services

Joel Foreman

Metro Bench of Tampa FL

Midland Credit Funding, San Diego CA

Nelnet of Lincoln Nebraska

Office Depot

Office Depot

Portfolio Recovery of Norfolk, VA

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC of Norfolk VA

Second Hand Rose of Lake City FL

Suwannee Regional Library Systems of Live Oak, FL

Synchrony Bank of Orlando FL

TD Bank of Lewiston Maine

The Verge at Laramie Apartments, Atlanta GA

University of Wyoming, Laramie WY

Walden University, Minneapolis, MN


Waste Pro


And none of you stuck up for Helen Miller when in essence it was a “Grant” and with “Grants” one never can be promised the sum you are requesting.  Instead of a Thank you to Helen Miller for allowing our Children of White Springs to participate, you treated her like dirt.  Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown, Spencer Lofton and Stacy Tebo, you have a lot of nerve to treat a woman who has provided so much benefit to the Children of White Springs as poorly as you have.  You should all be ashamed but we understand the Befaithful’s of this world are your type of people rather than the good people who are kind and willing to help others.


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