Proof Andrew is at home in Lake City during the Work Day


Here is our hard working White Springs Town employee Andrew at home on 12/11/2018 at 1:15pm in the afternoon middle of the work day parked in his driveway at his house in Lake City with his shiny Town vehicle.

See attached photo

Steve Stith it’s time you do something to fix the dilemma you have put White Springs In..  We don’t need a lazy do nothing pretend firefighter if it means the Citizens will not have a real Fire Department with actual certified firefighters.  You took this on to protect Andrew and maybe Rhett Bullard owes Andrew for whatever sexual escapades happened, but we the people do not.  Rhett Bullard and Robert Townsend can buy Andrew a vehicle from their own money and Andrew needs to quit the Fire Department.  It’s bad enough we have to pay him for his two hours a day as a wastewater treatment employee.


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