Planning and Zoning completes Zoning and Future Land use maps

Tracy Woodard, Zoning Chair and Micky Harris attended the December 10th Council Meeting.

Since there was insufficient notice of the Planning and Zoning Board meeting, it was decided that the November 20th session would be a workshop session.

Copies of the lates revision of the Zoning and Future Land Use Maps and boundary lines to the map and the percentages of each land use category was completed and sent to Town Hall either Friday or Saturday.

Shalene Estes, Planner noted that we were about to have both a zoning and FLU change, with the Erkinger property and she wanted to make those changes before the final maps go to workshop and hearing, which she completed. It was agreed that we should have an industrial category in the map legends even though there are no lands so designated. Digital files have be made available since the Workshop of the maps and property lists

Mrs. Woodard advised there are 259 parcels which were mislabled and that the changes to ordinances have been accomplished with more changes. When the Planning and Zoning Committee go into the public hearing, we will need a Planner and GIS in January and February. Until such time this is at a standstill.

The next meeting of the Planning and Zoning Board will be December 18th at 6:30 at the White Springs Library where you may be able to review the final map for the workshop. The board thanked Ms. Estes for continuing to work on these projects even though her contract has expires.

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