Per the Mayor the Grinch stole our Santa Suit

The Special Events committee was reported on by Police Chief Tracy Rodriquenz. Shee still needs some donations for three to five year olds who will be attending Breakfast for Santa this coming Saturday, December 14th. She mentioned that Ms Logan brought some things for the children and that the Griffins donated some nice things as well.

Along with breakfast, gifts are passed out to the children, so if anyone can add some additional items for Chief Tracy please contact her or Town Hall.

In the meantime a Special Santa from the Park will be at Nellie Blyes. Although Firefighter and Ranger Andrea was going to check who the individual may be, she likewise advised that the Park has some Santa Suits and even a tummy.

According to Councilwoman Tonja Brown, our Santa Suit was sent to the cleaners and someone stole it so another had to be ordered. In any event, if we are short a Santa, Thomas Brazil who was Santa two years ago and from what I have heard from others, he is fantastic with the children. Some were unhappy since and will not bring their children back.

So if Tonja does not receive the Suit which was ordered, we will be able to secure a suit and tummy from the Park. And if we do not have a Santa from the Park we have young Tom Brazil who is fantastic with Children.

Problems keep getting resolved with our partnership with the Stephen Foster Park crew.

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