Our Manager and Mayor saved Shonda Werts while snubbing their nose at the county.

Joe gave me permission to write his article. He received a call from the County this morning stipulating that White Springs decided they did not wish to share the County’s Code Enforcement Officer Jonathan Law so we would have someone to enforce codes in White Springs.

This saved Shonda Wert’s part-time job. Yet after all the promises not only to the County but to the Citizens of White Springs, White Springs turned its back on the County again.

All we have heard from White Springs was their elation that we would not have the full cost of a code enforcer and after 22 years plus we could have our ordinances followed.
As a result, none of the Municipalities will be able to utilize Mr. Law’s enforcement of their codes because of Whites Springs’ change of heart, which is nothing new. Never believe what you are told .

Good Job Mayor Miller and Town Manager Tommie Jones. I guess that you did not get your way regarding Ms. Werts working for the county but let’s face the facts, she never was that experienced and her record of moving around like a vagrant does not help.

If you do not believe that our Code Enforcer moves around that much, look at the addresses shown on the internet. For now she has made White Springs her part time home since she was abused, but how long will she stay and will she continue her education?

One would think that she would be looking for something more substantial in a Job, at least one which would be full time. St. Augustine has many possibilities and I guess I can’t understand why she would not be able to find a job there except for the fact that she has had too many addresses and moves around too much where they may consider her a vagrant.

White Springs could only afford her part time and she was hired by Stacy Tebo. And frankly, her experience wasn’t great because she did not wait for complaints but trespassed on whomever’s property she desired.

After 22 years plus , the Town of White Springs just doesn’t want to enforce their codes. The Town officials will do nothing to have experienced people hired or even share experienced people but just give a bunch of malarkey to their constituents that they wish to have dilapidated properties fixed or torn down.

Karin for the blog

Her addresses are shown below

Shonda Werts Taylor 47 years old
1421 Po Box
Saint Augustine FL 32085

Shonda’s possible relatives include Joseph Taylor, Cynthia Werts, Dennis Shirnise, James Werts, Joshua Taylor, Leslie Taylor.

Shonda’s most recently reported address starting in Nov 2019 is 1421 Po Box . Prior to that Shonda lived at 311 Po Box for less than 1 years. Other cities and locations that Shonda could have lived includes Saint Augustine,FL, Lake City,FL, Philadelphia,PA, Upper Darby,PA, Hinesville,GA, York,PA, Phila,PA, Lansdowne,PA, Sharon Hill,PA, Chester,PA. We currently show as many as 24 address, 6 phones, 12 email addresses for Shonda Taylor.

24 more addresses found for Shonda Werts Taylor Saint Augustine FL:

311 Po Box
Lake City FL 32056
November 2016 – February 2017

4238 N Reese St
Philadelphia PA 19140
December 2013 – July 2016

2563 Po Box
Upper Darby PA 19082
October 1998 – July 2016

101 Cherrie Murrell Rd
Hinesville GA 31313
May 2005 – July 2016

55 W Maplewood Mall
Philadelphia PA 19144
April 2005 – July 2016

5595 Hill Creek Cir
Philadelphia PA 19120
August 2010 – December 2016

5595 Hill Creek Pl
Philadelphia PA 19120
June 2004 – July 2016

2195 Brigadier Dr
York PA 17404
August 2013 – July 2016

6005 Rising Sun Ave
Phila PA 19111
January 2013 – July 2016

5743 Po Box
Philadelphia PA 19120
July 2010 – December 2017
300 N Wycombe Ave
Lansdowne PA 19050
November 1991 – July 2016

1625 E Washington Ln
Philadelphia PA 19138
July 2002 – July 2016

15 Leighton Ter
Upper Darby PA 19082
September 2004 – July 2016

7132 Clinton Rd
Upper Darby PA 19082
March 2004 – July 2016

3855 Fairmount Ave
Philadelphia PA 19104
August 2000 – July 2016

5549 Germantown Ave
Phila PA 19144
December 2001 – July 2016

6022 Irving St
Philadelphia PA 19139
July 2001 – December 2016

1036 Orange Ave
Sharon Hill PA 19079
November 1990 – July 2016

1 Po Box
Upper Darby PA 19082
September 1999 – December 2016

213 Gray St
Chester PA 19013
January 1999 – July 2016

7025 Guilford Rd
Upper Darby PA 19082
July 1996 – July 2016

According to our latest records, Shonda Werts Taylor is 47 years old and born in Sep 1972. Shonda’s phone numbers include (267) 241-5474, (215) 820-1938, (215) 722-1190.

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