Our Code Enforcement Officer knows how to interpret Law without any training or course work.

We secured Shonda Wert’s Employment Application for the Code Enforcement Position.

Boy does she have the experience.  She was the Assistant Manager at Krystal’s Restaurant, working 20 hours a week as a “Seasonal” Job from 2016 to 2017 at $200 a week. However, she made no mention of where or what Town Krystal’s was located in.


Then she worked at Stoudermire’s Restaurant in Live Oak  in 2017, not giving the number of months.  She again worked 20 hours per week at $100 a week taking orders, serving food and beverages to patrons, adding that she communicated with people from various backgrounds.  The reason for leaving was that the business closed down.

From June 7, 2018 until she was hired by White Springs, Shonda started working for Love’s Travel Stops in Jasper  for 40 hours a week.  Her duties included providing customer service, handling cash transactions, guide and solve customer inquiries, responsible for daily transaction reports, creating a safe environment for the store and that she followed company guidelines and procedures.

So where does she have experience for Code Enforcement since it pertains in part to the law as well as loss control and the determination of hazards?  She couldn’t state how many credit hours she had taking a liberal arts course for a community college in Philadelphia in 2013, but she did have this to say.

She claims to have strong communications skills, the ability to make a decision, she can perceive and distinguish in a manner that affects actions.  She has effective time management and she is able to interpret laws, ordinances and resolutions in accordance to Law Enforcement.  I love it when someone feels that they can learn law by osmosis.  It is amazing to me because there are so many facets relating to law that most of us had to study all aspects of civil law; had to study loss control and safety as well as time management and management concepts, even if we were quick studies.  It is nice to know that Stacy hired someone so brilliant that they need not take any course work in advance but that they can interpret law, ordinances and resolutions just by looking at them .

Well the first thing she needs to do is to start reading and enforcing some of the Land Development Regulations. And she has to have a complaint from a citizen before she can hold a property owner with any form of violation.  She just can’t determine something needs to be done without a complaint and write up a code violation.  But I guess she is so bright she probably doesn’t have to even read the LDR’s only understand them by osmosis.

Boy we are on a roll.  With Rhett Bullard choosing his favorite Cousins and Stacy Tebo doing everything Rhett asks for, things keep getting betterer and betterer!   These people are absolute geniuses LOL.

Note any job she has taken is short lived or short hours.  She showed on her ap that the Date available was As soon as possible.  Does that mean she quit Loves first and didn’t even last three months since she was hired  September 24, 2018?

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