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BREAKING: Big Announcement From Fox News Star – Farewell


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BREAKING: Secret Supreme Court Meeting Called…

This could be a huge decision.

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Joe Biden Makes 2020 Proclamation That Is Sending SHOCKWAVES Through the Democrat Party

Will temporary truce in US-China trade war provide lasting solutions?

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BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Announcement – It’s Tragic

Absolutely horrible.

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BREAKING: He’s Retiring… White House In Shock

It’s official.

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BREAKING: Trump SHATTERS Record – First Time In 75 Years


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BREAKING: Judge REMOVED – Shock Court Announcement


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Will The Now Dem Run House Still Approve This?

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Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump on Friday lashed out against the federal investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Trump’s 2016 election campaign, and publicly suggested Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had a conflict of interest without offering any evidence.

Trump’s series of early morning tweets came ahead of new details expected on Friday that could shed new light on how two of Trump’s closest former aides have helped or hindered Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Representatives for the U.S. Department of Justice could not be immediately reached for comment on Trump’s tweets.

“Robert Mueller and Leakin’ Lyin’ James Comey are Best Friends, just one of many Mueller Conflicts of Interest,” Trump tweeted. “And bye the way, wasn’t the woman in charge of prosecuting Jerome Corsi (who I do not know) in charge of “legal” at the corrupt Clinton Foundation? A total Witch Hunt…,” Trump continued in the first of 5 early morning tweets.

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BREAKING: Fox News Superstar Accused… It’s Hannity

Hannity is furious.

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Personal Liberty Digest
The week’s news that wasn’t
Educating, waking up, WikiLeaks(ing) and cybersecuring the dumbest, sleepiest, Ecuadoriest and hackiest, fakeries in the week’s fake news.

Democrats are the smartest people

Being a Democrat must be a real burden. After all, hanging out with a bunch of ignorant rubes who don’t understand the basic concepts of collectivism has to be tedious. And providing those ignorant rubes with some ejucatin is obviously more than a full-time job. And there are just so many ignorant rubes out there to be ejucatin. Look how many voted for President Trump!

For some reason, us ignorant rubes just don’t get it, despite the glorious public education we received. Twelve years of public education, plus four — or more — additional years in institutes of higher learning and we’re still not able to understand Democrat politicians.

That fact is really weighing on man-hating Senator Mazie Hirono (DUH-Hawaii), who thinks men should “shut up.”  Answering a question from journalist Dahlia Lithwick at the “Bend Towards Justice” conference in Washington, D.C., about what Democrats need to do to make their voters care more about the judicial system, Hirono said Democrats aren’t connecting with voters because Democrats are so “smart” and “know too much.”

“One of the things that we Democrats have a really hard time is connecting to people’s hearts instead of here [points at brain],” Hirono said. “We’re really good at shoving out all the information that touch people here [points to brain] but not here [points to heart].”

“I’ve been saying it at all our Senate Democratic retreats we need to speak to the heart, not in a manipulative way, not in a way that brings forth everybody’s fears and resentments, but truly to speak to the hearts so that people know that we’re actually on their side.”

“When you have a really hard time doing that and one of the reasons that was shown to me at one of our retreats was that we Democrats know so much, that is true,” she continued. “We have to kind of tell everyone how smart we are and so we have a tendency to be very left-brain.”

A couple of things jump out at me, but I’m too dumb to be a Democrat so I may be missing something. First, if you have to “tell everyone how smart” you are, you ain’t so smart. Second, Hirono says Democrats are good at “shoving out all the information” that touches the brain, but not the heart. Smart people connect intellectually and are swayed based on knowledge and logic. Emotional people react based on feelings (from the heart), so she’s missing something… or I am.

And it’s clear collectivists/leftists care deeply about the judicial system. They were screaming like banshees, getting themselves thrown out of the hearing, trying to knock doors down and fabricating all manner of nonsensical stories about Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing in order to “save” the judiciary.

Liberalism is an emotional ideology. Always has been. That’s one of many reasons leftists want to shut down contrarian speech. They can’t argue a point based on facts so they scream at you, call you names or have you silenced.

And Hirono’s not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. She can’t even understand the basic concept of “illegal.”

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Has Senator Rubio been asleep all these years?

Senator Marco Rubio (Simpleton-Florida), needs to spend less time chasing cameramen and more time reading up on current events… though if he’s just following the “news” presented by the mainstream media, it’s easy to see why he might not know what’s going on the world.

Appearing on CNN Wednesday to discuss Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s connection to the murder of CIA agent and “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi, Rubio said something that made me snort coffee out of my nose.

After outlining his position that bin Salman, also known as MBS, at least knew in advance of Khashoggi’s murder if he didn’t outright sanction it, Rubio said something needed to be done to rein in MBS’s reckless behavior. Otherwise, “he’s going frankly pull us into a war one day with some recklessness.”

Um. Senator. We’ve been fighting Saudi Arabia’s wars since at least 1991, when Operation Desert Storm started. We’re currently helping them fight wars in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen… and likely other places we haven’t heard about.

It’s absurd to think MBS’s “recklessness” is what’s going get us into more wars. There’s not much of anyone left to attack in the Middle East, save Iran. And it’s Rubio, the neocon warmongers and the MSM that’s trying to start wars with Iran, Russia and even China.

I’m beginning to think you’re not even smart enough to be a one of us rubes. You must be a politician.

Manafort and Assange

Last week the UK’s Deep State mouthpiece The Guardian broke a bombshell, claiming that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort “held secret talks” inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London with WikiLeaks’ Jullian Assange, and visited him around the time he joined the Trump campaign.

According The Guardian’s “sources,” Manafort saw Assange in 2013, 2015 and in the spring of 2016. The implication was — as special persecutor Robert Mueller was putting the finishing touches on Manafort’s Russiagate charging memo — that Manafort gained access to emails allegedly hacked from the Democrat National Committee that helped Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.

Trouble is, Manafort’s passports are in Mueller’s possession. They don’t show any visits to England at the times The Guardian claims. Both Manafort and Assange deny any visits took place. And Fidel Narváez, the former consul and first secretary at the Ecuadorian Embassy from 2010 to 2018 says it never happened.

As The Canary reports:

It is impossible for any visitor to enter the embassy without going through very strict protocols and leaving a clear record: obtaining written approval from the ambassador, registering with security personnel, and leaving a copy of ID. The embassy is the most surveilled on Earth; not only are there cameras positioned on neighbouring buildings recording every visitor, but inside the building every movement is recorded with CCTV cameras, 24/7. In fact, security personnel have always spied on Julian and his visitors. It is simply not possible that Manafort visited the embassy.

In other words, The Guardian just published fake news. It’s not surprising. The Guardian is the mouthpiece of UK Deep State. MI-6 is up to its eyeballs in the phony Trump-Russia collusion story and they’re doing everything they can to keep news of their participation under wraps.

National Republican Congressional Committee hacked

Some stories are real head scratchers, and this one, at first glance, is one of them. The National Republican Congressional Committee has reported it was hacked during the 2018 election despite having hired CrowdStrike, a cyber firm supposedly expert at preventing such a thing.

CrowdStrike allegedly has a lot of experience in hacking. We’re told that it was CrowdStrike that was handling cybersecurity for the DNC when it was “hacked” by Russians. According to the official narrative, CrowdStrike detected the hacks and thought it had stopped them, but they continued for months afterward.

Of course, the only evidence we have that Russians hacked the DNC comes from CrowdStrike. The DNC didn’t allow the FBI to access its servers. The boss told you all of this almost two years ago, as well as providing for readers a breakdown of just who CrowdStrike is.

So why would the NRCC hire a firm with such a lousy track record of providing cybersecurity? Well, it’s because of who CrowdStrike is and who they work for.

Which goes to once again prove what Bob Livingston has been telling us for years. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats in Washington. They serve the same masters and seek the same ends.

— Jay Baker


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Americans Asked if they’d Allow an Obama 3rd Term (Here’s What They Said)

Last year’s election was one of the most polarizing in our lifetime.

Donald Trump won, but what if there had been another choice?

Recently a large-scale polling group asked Americans a very interesting question.

Would you allow an Obama 3rd term?

Check out the results…I think you’ll be surprised.

Donald Trump News
Donald Trump Jr. has told his friends privately that he expects to be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano claimed in an interview on Wednesday.

“I don’t know who, but I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expects to be indicted,” Napolitano told Sirius XM “Live PD,” adding he was less sure about Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

The judge said he thinks it is a “huge deal” that former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is still reportedly cooperating with Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Earlier this week, Mueller’s team, in a court filing, said Flynn provided so much information to the special counsel’s Russia investigation that prosecutors say he shouldn’t do any prison time, according to a court filing Tuesday.


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