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LA news anchor Chris Burrous dies at 43 after being found unresponsive in motel room

LA news anchor Chris Burrous dies at 43 after being found unresponsive in motel room

A community is in mourning over the sudden death of popular Los Angeles news anchor Chris Burrous. Paramedics discovered the…

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Conservative writer Bre Payton dead at 26 after sudden illness

Conservative writer Bre Payton dead at 26 after sudden illness

A sudden illness tragically took the life of a young conservative journalist on Friday. Bre Payton, a writer for the…

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Report: Trey Gowdy to return to former law firm after leaving Congress

Report: Trey Gowdy to return to former law firm after leaving Congress

This week, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) will be among those to leave Congress. We already know that he has chosen…

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Police respond to reports of transformer explosion in New York

Police respond to reports of transformer explosion in New York

New York City residents were captivated by a strange blue light that flashed over the night sky on Thursday, setting off…

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DANIEL VAUGHAN: The Lost Constitutional Amendment

DANIEL VAUGHAN: The Lost Constitutional Amendment

In 1789, after the states had ratified the Constitution, the nation’s founders and their new Congress set about adding the…

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Trump admin urges SCOTUS to protect Peace Cross

Trump admin urges SCOTUS to protect Peace Cross

President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court to protect an almost century-old war memorial in the shape of a cross from…

BREAKING: Fox News Star LOSES IT in Front of 30,000 People


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BREAKING: Ruth Ginsburg Death Announcement

Oh no.

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We’re Heading Out of the Most Volatile Year in A Decade – Here’s Your Reward

Decemeber 29, 2018

Dear Wall Street Insights & Indictments Reader,

We’re back to buying the dip.

At least that’s the official word from President Donald Trump.

He said on Tuesday, “We have companies – the greatest in the world, and they’re doing really well. They have record kinds of numbers. So, I think it’s a tremendous opportunity to buy. Really a great opportunity to buy.”

And, he may be right – about buying this dip, that is.

He’s definitely right about America having great companies and about them doing “really well.”

The thing is, the market doesn’t listen to anyone’s recommendations, nor does it care.

Markets do what they do for their own reasons.

Those “reasons” include investor psychology, which is decidedly scared, like a deer in the headlights.

Trend and momentum are usually kissing-cousins reasons, and they’re down and have been picking up speed.

Then there’s the under-the-radar – for most investors and pundits, at least – reason: Algorithms and program trading run by computers on autopilot, for the most part.

Of course, there’s also earnings, which used to be the reason to buy or sell stocks.

But, no one talks about earnings, except for the president’s reference to them, when psychology is scared and negative, when trend and momentum look like an Olympic ski jump, and when machines are running the asylum.

Maybe we should close our eyes and ears to the markets’ reasonings and focus on earnings.

If we do, there are a ton of “stocks on sale…”

It’s going to be an interesting close to the year, and even more so to see how we kick off 2019.

While 2018 was the most volatile year for stocks since the financial crisis, it was a profitable one for members of my elite services (you may remember the quadruple-digit profit opportunity I crowed about back in February).

And it was a successful year for members of the rest of Money Map Press’ publications.

So it’s no surprise that 2018 was a landmark year for my publisher.

We had record-breaking sales, record-breaking performances, and delivered chances at record-breaking gains for our readers – and now it’s our turn to give back.

I’ll cut to the chase (because this is the important part) – we’re sending checks to readers like you. Each person can be entitled to receive $1,500 at minimum.

And it’s because we want to, because you deserve it.

Click here to learn how you can close out 2018 with a payday.

I’ll be back with you soon. Bon weekend!




Tencent Is Going Public: The Music Streaming Industry Heats Up


How We’re Play a Falling Market

Here’s Why the Market Does What It Does

Why I’m Still Optimistic About Scoring Big Gains in 2019


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Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Hot Topic: Who’s Thwarting The Globalism Movement The Most?

Epic Video: The Worst Moments on MSNBC in 2018

Trump Opens Fire on Obstructionist Dems as the Wall Shutdown Continues

Duh: Are the Investigations the Cover-Up?

Google Erases Kurdistan from Maps to Comply with Turkish Government Request

Trending Now: The Conservative Bias Getting Worse

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From Obese to Starving, Nutrition Crisis Prompts SOS Call for New Approach
E-cigarette Crackdown
Best Ways to Kickstart Your Holiday Detox 
Keep Your Food Safe, Don’t Wait for a Recall
New Jersey Urges Patients at Facility to Check for HIV Infections
CDC Looks Back at the Year’s Most Pressing Health Threats
5 Bronchitis Symptoms
5 Reasons You Can’t Stay Focused 
Michigan Charges Pharmacists Linked to Meningitis Outbreak
CDC Issues Alert for Polio-like Illness 
Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Raw Turkey Leaves Over 200 Sick Across U.S.
Two States Experiencing High Influenza-like Illness
5 Ways to Help Get a Healthy Gut
CDC Says 9 More People Added to E.Coli Infection Investigation
Migrants Tend to Be Healthier, Live Longer
CDC Warns Ticks Rapidly Spreading in US that May Carry Diseases
‘What We’re Eating Is Killing Us’ – Global Nutrition Report
How to Combat Depression During the Holidays 
Can Better Cancer Care Lower Company’s Health Costs?

Rep. Gohmert: Fund Wall or Continue Shutdown ‘Until Hell Freezes Over’

Rep. Louie Gohmert said if Democrats don’t agree to fund a wall on the southern border with Mexico, then the government shutdown should continue “until hell freezes over.”

The Texas Republican told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Friday President Donald Trump should continue with his efforts “…because we keep seeing people losing their lives without (a wall).

“We owe it to our country. And the best thing we could do compassionately for Mexico and Central America is not give them money that ends up in the hands of drug cartels,” he added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., made similar remarks on Friday, tweeting, “No wall money, no deal.”

Donald Trump News
The White House slashed its $5 billion demand for a border wall in half in an effort to end a week-long partial federal shutdown, but Democrats rejected it, reports Josh Dawsey of The Washington Post.

Dawsey, the Post’s White House reporter, tweeted a $2.5 billion figure in response to a post from NBC News’ Josh Lederman that incoming Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said the Trump administration had softened “its hard line” of $5 billion for the wall, though Mulvaney did not disclose an amount.

President Donald Trump and Democrats have been at an impasse over funding the wall, ensuring that the partial shutdown would continue into 2019. Trump threatened Friday to “close the Southern Border entirely” if he did not receive the necessary funds for a wall on the U.S-Mexico border.

The Senate and House held brief sessions Thursday, but neither chamber took any votes on any measure to fund the nine government departments that closed after money ran out Dec. 21.


Believe it or not, there are times when even the left has to admit when it’s wrong.

Naturally, you won’t find any self-reflection on the historic failures of leftism on CNN or any other mainstream network. Thankfully, conservative YouTubers are more than happy to fill the void.

Click here for the top 5 liberal fails in modern American history.

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter

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Latest From Ben Crystal December 29, 2018
The WIRE — your week in review The WIRE — your week in review »
From an Iraq vacation to fake menstruation — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest® presents: The WIRE! More »
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Democrat hypocrisy Democrat hypocrisy »
Democrat politicians are hypocrites who only care about scoring political points in their desire to push their globalist, open-borders agenda. More »
The week's news that wasn't The week’s news that wasn’t »
Bone spurring, listening in, blaming and embezzling the most foot-fetishist, spying, Satanic and compassionless fakeries in the week’s fake news. More »
From The Wire
Trump wanted others to pay more at UN. No one picked up the tab Trump wanted others to pay more at UN. No one picked up the tab »
President Donald Trump’s promise to save American taxpayers money by getting other countries to contribute more to international organizations has been put to the test at the United Nations. More »
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BREAKING: Sean Hannity Notified – So Heartbreaking…


Read the details…

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Wall Street Legend Issues Strong BUY Alert

The List: Here Are the Most Egregious Fake News Stories of 2018

Primer: What Really Happens in a Partial Government Shutdown?

Record 24,000 Illegal Alien Brats Caught at US-Mexico Border in First 3 Weeks of December

Canada: Church Takes Down Cross to Avoid Offending Muslims

Tax Alert! Why These People Are Paying NOTHING On April 15th!

Wall Street Legend Issues Strong BUY Alert

He’s made people rich both on and off Wall Street. Now this Wall Street legend has uncovered one stock — in an industry set to surge 76,000% — that could award investors a tremendous fortune in the next 12 to 24 months. He’s calling it the “investment of the century.” Full details here.

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Oh my gosh…

Read the details…

Breaking News…

Commemorate the Vietnam War Veteran in Your Life with this Collectable Coin!(sponsor)

White House Slams Democrats’ Border Security Hypocrisy

‘Shark Tank’ Star Gives High Praise to Donald Trump’s ‘Masterful Mind’

World’s Most Popular YouTuber Tears Apart Establishment Media

How long will the government shutdown over the border wall last?

16,000 Woodworking Plans at Your Fingertips!  (sponsor)

BREAKING: He’s Dead… President Trump Has Been Notified

This is sad.

Read the details…

BREAKING: Secret Service Confirms It… Barron Trump Is…

A mother and son moment.

Read the details…

BREAKING: SHOCK Murder Alert – The Governor Is…

Oh wow.

Read the details…

Breaking News…

SHOOTERS: this device aims the gun for you…  (sponsor)

Roger Stone Has No Fear of the Mueller Investigation

Democrat Senator Stuns America With Her Shocking Ignorance…

How the Fed’s interest rate hike will impact consumers

The risks from Trump pulling US troops out of Syria

GIFT Idea for Gun Owners: Get this 2nd Amendment Pendant and They’ll LOVE it!  (sponsor)

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Breakfast Hack That Could Beat Diabetes

Huge Donations Raised on GoFundMe to Pay for Trump’s Border Wall – $1 Billion Funding Goal

18 ICE Detainees Died in Custody Under Obama – But Were Never Investigated

Every Person in Chicago Owes $140K to Bail Out Chicago Pensions

Top Congressional Corruption Miscreants Exposed – Guess Which Party Dominates

The Success Of Facebook Is Owed All To This Tiny Pill

Are The Rumors True About FDR?

It may have been close to 75 years ago, but one of the greatest presidents in history, FDR, seems to finally be taking his revenge from beyond the grave on the government organization that some say is the reason he died. See what secret event is happening now – HERE!

Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump suggested that a recent swoon in U.S. stock markets is a buying opportunity for investors, even though many analysts blame his policies and Washington gridlock for the plunge.

Special: Cash In On the Most Massive Tax Cuts in History

“We have companies — the greatest in the world — and they’re doing really well,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday. “They have record kinds of numbers. So I think it’s a tremendous opportunity to buy. Really a great opportunity to buy.”

U.S. equities extended a weeks-long slide into Christmas Eve, dragging the benchmark S&P 500 index to its lowest level in 20 months. The president has looked to the stock market as a barometer on his administration, and the declines have infuriated him. He has discussed firing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell over the central bank’s interest rate increases, which Trump and his allies blame for the market plunge, though he concluded over the weekend it wasn’t within his power, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

11 Shocking Health Secrets of Chocolate

Dr. Crandall Saved His Own Heart With This


JUST IN: Tucker Carlson Has Made His Decision… Goodbye

It’s really happening…

Read the details…

Breaking News…

LOL! This Trump ‘I Love the Smell of Liberal Tears in the Morning’ Gear will Make You Laugh (sponsor)

Dems WORST NIGHTMARE Unfolding GOP Rep’s Plan About To RIP the Veil Off the Deep State!

All I want for Christmas is a government shutdown

Ron Paul warns of stock market meltdown;What’s behind his prediction?

Chicago Judge Under Fire Over Controversial Acquittals In High-profile Murder Cases

Claim Your Family’s FREE First Aid Kit Here (will sellout by end of day!)  (sponsor)

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Discovery: Is This Why The Deep State Hates Trump?

Jeb!-Style Neocons Slam Trump for Pulling Troops Out of Syria

I Was a Contract Worker Inside Google’s Caste System – and It Wasn’t Pretty

Trump Supporters in Minnesota Get European Fake News Reporter Fired – Don’t Mess with Fergus Falls

Well: The NY Times Had Access to Facebook Data without Users’ Knowledge

Trending: Royal Family About Done With The American Princess Experiment?

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BREAKING: He’s Dead… I Can’t Believe This Is Happening

He’s really gone.

Read the details…

BREAKING: Trump Enemy Caught In The Act – Life Ruined

This guy is disgusting.

Read the details…

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Revealed: The Dark Spot Theory

CNN’s 2014 ‘Journalist of the Year’ Resigns After Caught Falsifying Stories

Dennis Prager: Google Is Full of Crap; They Will Lie Because They Can Get Away with It

Soros Spent $1.35 Million on Organization Flooding President Trump with Lawsuits

Highway to Hell: ICE Arrested 80,000 Drunk-Driving Illegal Aliens in 2018

Tredning: Trump Ends Birthright Citizenship – Is This Un-American?

BREAKING: Sarah Sanders Gives Notice… It’s Official

She’s really doing it.

Read the details…

JUST IN: Mueller Investigation Slipup – He Makes BAD Decision – Bye!


Read the details…

BREAKING: Melania Responds… SHUTS DOWN Michelle Obama


Read the details..

BREAKING: Shock Diagnosis CRUSHES Clinton Family – Wow


Read the details…

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