So Stacy was a scumbag. The White Springs Journal said the very same thing three and a half years ago and almost every week since. We told you of the mess that Stacy left in her office at DeBary. WE told you of the lies and falsehoods she told. We told you about her having a separate email account to keep records, public records, from being “findable”. She did all of that to us and more. And whose fault is that?
Why the worthless town council who rushed to hire her and t hen rushed to give her one additional and then a two year additional contract.
But you are wrong. The public’s right to know is in the Florida Constitution, and codified by statute and affirmed by the Florida Supreme court on at least 50 occasions. Maybe, just maybe, had the powers that be had listened to the Blog or its authors and contributors we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. I don’t care about the sewer or water or any other such project that the town is now scrambling to fix and has an incompetent baffoon we need to teach to read the law before he tries to come up to speed before he can he can be truly effective, which we don’t have enough time to do that before the wheels come all of the way off the wagon.
You are s o wrong you don’t even know how far wrong you are. The Constitution does not speak about White Springs need for a sewer and water project. But it does talk about a citizen’s right to know and you sir, if that is so, have no concept or how frustrating it is too go all the way back to the Weak Mayor form of government requirement laid on us by the State. But the weak mayor form of government only, ONLY, works with a professional town manager. I dare you tell me that Tommie, or Stacy, or Farley or Robert Townsend were that professional. Tommie’s incompetence and learning curve could have been avoided simply enough. But no Walter, and Helen and the rest of the Council saw an unqualified and unknowledgeable local resident and chose to make him keeper of the keys to the kingdom. The town is now back to where we were when Marv Ray left in 1999. 20 years of bullshit and untold expenses by multiple parties because the Council is incompetent as Tommie is.
No I don’t care about projects that the Council could have seen were problems years and years ago. I care about following the LAW which this council and this faux town manager are incapable of even reading they are so dumb.
I say dissolve the town, take away the council, take away our NEW STRONG Mayor form of government and become unincorporated. Let the County run the show for a couple of years. It couldn’t be any worse.
Stacy is not the only scumbag we’ve had in town. Walter is one and Helen with her lust for power are other ones. Enough incompetence. Quit trying to f ix things that are unfixable and FOLLOW THE LAW, for Christ’s sake.

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