Mittauer doing a great job for us on the Kendrick Street Project

Kellen Lindsey, of Mittauer and Associates advised us that they ran into another problem with the Kendrick Street Project. Unfortunately, Art Walker Construction’s bid was not the low bid so we have to secure another contractor. The Kendrick Street Project is at $250,000 and the low bid was $310,000 and two others were over $400,000. Mittauer reached out to the Florida Department of Transportation to get additional funding bare bones.

Mittauer has spoken to Ken Evans of the Department of Transportation and managed to place together additional funding and timing of $46,000 and they are working on securing an additional $10,000 through Tallahassee.

Since we do not have the same contractor it will be necessary to handle the sewer revitalization at Kendrick Street first so that the work is done prior to finishing the roads which is logical.

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