Manager Tommie’s report

We were told that many of the items relating to Code Enforcement are over six months old and many are taken care of. Mayor Helen Miller asked that our Town Manager Tommie Jones have an area on the listings for the status of each report of violation.

After contacting the Florida Department of Revenue to change the Town Manager’s name to his, he received a letter. The Revenue Department stated the reported Millage Rate did not follow the Statute. Furthermore the advertisement does not comply. In the future there will be a non compliance infraction relating to the millage laws in the future and the State Loss of Advertisements is in violation. Because of the change in Manager, the Department of Revenue did not make Mr. Jones responsible. It is approved but the Department of Revenue stated that we may not make any further mistakes.

Ray Vaughn must submit a report to Jackson Simms Mayor Miller advised that she received great insight into the Water and Wastewater facilities by speaking to Ray Vaughn.

The Bridge Street Lift Station now has a loaned portable pump because both pumps went out. the PLC keeps going out. The pumps malfunction in 2006 and was brought back to life and continually malfunctioned and was brought to life and is in the final stage. Tommie Jones found somebody to modify and put in some floats. The Bi-pass will cost $3,800. The system is outdated. The Council approved the expenditure of the by-pass for an automatic operation system which will be spent out of the Enterprise (Water and Sewer) funds.

The Forest Services has offered to mow to the dirt the Western and Southern boarders from one property to another. This work will be accomplished in the next couple of months. Rodney Madison will be contacted to mark the trails for the Forest Service.

Town Manager Jones has developed a sign in sheet for visitors that go through the office doors to meet with someone at Town Hall. It includes the date, the Visitors Name, Time In, Time Out, the Reason for the visit and the individual’s signature.

A listing of all the Town of White Springs Meeting Dates for 2020 also was provided.

Some of our Citizens are volunteering to assist Mr. Jones in addition to Mrs. Brazil. As a result a Volunteer Application was completed asking for the education and qualifications as well as their work type preference, and whether they have previously volunteered and where.

I am certain our Town Attorney completed the Volunteer Pledge and Release with its legal wording. Yes it makes sense for the volunteer to perform their assigned duties, follow the directions of their supervisors, meet time commitments, and give advance notice in case of an absence. It likewise makes sense that the Volunteer Pledge that they will follow the Code of Conduct and other policies and procedures of the Town and that there should be no expectation of receiving any compensation, material benefits or employment from the Town. So far this is great, but the following I do not believe would stand up in court because all General Liability Policies cover the negligence of Employees and Volunteers under the Town’s General Liability policy. No employee of course is covered for gross negligence and intentional and criminal acts whether a permanent employee, a partial volunteer or a permanent volunteer.

What is shown on the application would be considered a “Contract of Adhesion”. Any volunteer is protected and cannot release and forever discharge the Town of White Springs. This is like a back of a ticket to a concert where such wording requires one to hold the facility and entertainers harmless but it would never stand up in court. It may scare a person but let’s face it, a volunteer is willing to help with no pay and they should be treated well by any person at Town Hall and if they are negligent in some manner or form, the individual who suffered bodily injury, property damage or death would sue the Town not the volunteer since the Town ultimately included the employee to assist in the workplace.

There should be something however, relating to the Town not being responsible for any property left at Town hall of value or otherwise and that it is the responsibility of the employee to keep their property safe.

We need Barrell Locks on all the Water Meters. Even if the Water Meters are shut down they can be opened with a screw driver.

Initially Mr. Jones said all public Records would have to wait until Pam returned in February. Joe Griffin raised the Law and discussion was made by the council to utilize Thursday afternoon as a day to accomplish Public Records Requests and other items that were not handled since the office is closed in the afternoon. It was stated that only one Thursday Afternoon was considered initially during the time payments were taken but now it is every Thursday. Councilman Tom Moore said he would volunteer Thursday afternoon and that Joe would get his public requests.

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