White Springs Year in Review 2018

The Good

  • Got the County to station an ambulance part–time in White Springs.
  • Still working on the sewer rehab grant, which is good, but the longer it is delayed the greater cost to the Town residence which is bad.

The Bad

  • Completely trashed the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department now no local volunteers and very little if ever response to emergencies. Yet still wanting money for nothing from the County.
  • No Town streets repaved due to misspending of the Local Option Fuel Tax which is being used to fund everything but transportation.
  • Renewed the Town Manager contract for 2 years without a workshop, public discussion, nor with a performance evaluation from Mayor.
  • Mayor, on his own, attempting to negotiate a lease for the old South Hamilton Elementary without council approval and without outside commitments from business to locate there. Remember the Town could not even afford the electric bill for the Environmental Center building so how can the Town afford to maintain SHE and bring it up to code?
  • Hired 2 new Town employees without proper advertisements of the positions still no job descriptions from the Town Manager.
  • Purchased a mini track hoe, which has moved once anyone has seen when for as little use as it gets could have been done much less expensively with rentals. But since the Local Option Fuel Tax is under scrutiny must spend some of that revenue for something related to streets.
  • Got a $600,000 grant for new Community Center for the East side of Town when we already have a Community Center and Amphitheater that largely go unused and a proposal to lease SHE which has a gym that also goes unused.

The Ugly

  • Citizens attempting to voice their opinion or questions forcibly removed from Council Meetings.
  • Further alienated the relationship with Stephen Foster State Park which has been a lifeline for the Town.
  • Council member McKenzie and Miller are virtually ignored, disregarded and treated with contempt by the gang of 3, the Town Manager and Town Clerk.
  • Alienated the acquaintance of Heller Miller who had been the benefactor that supported the HOPE program and summer programs for Town children when the Mayor involved his friend Befaithful Coker ( a non Town resident) who threatened to sue everyone until the Mayor ponied up and additional $3,000 more in Town funds. The benefactor sent a letter stating that he will never again assist the Town. Now no more summer programs for the Town children.
  • Town Manager gave the wood splitter back to the County stating we never had a program to provide free firewood to Town residence for winter heating thus killing that program.

Just my perspective to remember in 2020

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become a legalized version of the first.” …Thomas Jefferson

Karin’s comments:

Regarding the Mini Excavator, it does not fall under the equipment which would be construed for transportation purposes.  It is equipment which digs below the ground and which is used to clean ditches and the like.  The Department of Transportation already has indicated buying this piece of equipment does not fall under the Statute relating to “Transportation”.

The Rhatt Pack Watch summed it up:

“The excavator is purchased to excavate Water and Sewer pipes.  Fuel Tax revenues cannot be used legally for Water and Sewer operations, even if it’s a pipe, which lies below a street or road, that requires maintenance.  The funds for that maintenance must come from the Water and Sewer revenue.  So this is a double whammy that the Ratt is trying to pull.  Time to tell the Ratt that your eyes are wide open!!!”


Regarding the wood splitter, it was purchased through Grant Funds for many who have no manner in which to remain warm in the winter.  You can go through the neighborhood and see many around a burning wood barrel attempting to stay warm.   The Wood Program has mainly been provided by Ed Miller, Councilwoman Miller’s husband and Richard Tennis.   The Town has never assisted the Citizens of White Springs.  Instead Councilwoman Miller sought the help of the County Commissioners to see whether there may be a splitter which could be used.  Commissioner Louie Goodin had a splitter in his garage, which needed repair which he and Randy Ogburn delivered to Richard Tennis’s residence, where Mr. Tennis and Mr. Miller are repairing it for use.  As to the wood splitter which we received under Grant through Councilwoman Miller’s benefactor, we do not know what the Town intends to do with it. Either they are going to use it personally, going to one of the cousins or it will be sold.  Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo along with Mayor Lofty and Vice Mayor Brown frankly do not give a damned about the people but Ed Miller and Richard Tennis will make certain those who are in need will keep warm in the Winter.

Don’t we have a great group of councilors who don’t give a damned about the citizens?

Thank you to Richard Tennis and to Ed Miller for their continued contributions to White Springs and Thank you Louie Goodin and Randy Ogburn for Louie’s much needed contribution. Thank you to Councilwoman Miller who continually is seeking funds outside of the Town to assist the People in White Springs.

It is time everyone remembered how Mayor Lofty, Vice Mayor Brown, Councilor Bullard and Stacy Tebo feel about the people of White Springs when voting time comes around.

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