Lofton’s Evaluation of our Town Manager

Ratings:    1.  Unacceptable – Unsatisfactory performance.      2.   Conditional – Requires Improvement               3 Satisfactory – Meets Council Expectations     4.  Exceptional – Generally exceeds Council’s expectations    5.  Outstanding – Substantially exceeds Council’s expectations.



Supervision:                                      Rating:   5

Does the Town Manager maintain a standard of respect for department head’s ability and encourage their initiative?  Does he challenge them to perform at their highest level?

Since her arrival, Ms. Tebo has required town standards to be met by her department heads.  This requirement, in my opinion has fostered a higher degree of performance from each department head within her realm of responsibility.  She has created in me a belief really cares for our community.


Leadership                                        Rating:   5

Does the town manager inspire others to succeed?  Does he actively promote efficiency in operations?  Does he demonstrate a high regard for personal ethics.

Ms. Tebo has been the hard working manager White Springs has needed for many years.  She ensures the presence of the needed town entities at all functions.  She makes a grand effort to attend as well.  Her adherence to ethics is incredible.  In the recent past, she has held her ground even when a councilperson was in violation of town standards and had to be removed from office.


Execution of Policy:                                Rating:  5

Does he understand the laws and ordinances of the town and cause them to be fairly enforced?

Ms. Tebo has a firm understanding of the town charter and ordinances.  She refers to them often in most conversations involving agenda items during council meetings.


Community Relations:               Rating:   4

Does the town manager work well with citizens and properly handle their complaints?

Ms. Tebo ensures all complaints are handle IAW current directives.  Ms. Tebo does however need to get out in the community more frequently to familiarize herself with the citizens and the areas of concern.

Administrative Duties:                 Rating:    5

Does the town manager properly handle his administrative duties?

Ms. Tebo handles her duties effectively and in a timely manner.


Economic Development                   Rating:   5

Does the town manager work well with developers while protecting the town’s interest?  Does he work to increase the city’s tax base through economic development?

Ms. Tebo has been noted as a defender of White Springs on all fronts.  I have yet to hear anything negative from a developer concerning her representing the town of White Springs.


Intergovernmental Relations:            Rating:  5

Does the town manager cooperate cordially with neighboring communities and citizens while looking after the interests of White Springs?

Ms. Tebo works constructively with the neighboring communities and citizens to create win/win scenarios for all involved.  She is currently working with us to secure the South Hamilton Elementary property, negotiate the county fire contract and the revitalization of the Carver property.


Town Council Relations:                 Rating:  5

Does the town manager work well with the city council in making sure there is adequate information available prior to meetings?  Is he willing to meet with council members to deal with individual problems and issues.


Planning                                                            Rating:    5

Does the town manager involve himself in the planning process to the correct degree?  Does he review the process and look for better ways to handle development activities?

Ms. Tebo does an excellent job attending meetings and staying in her lane of responsibility.  She is always open to finding a better way.


Financial Management/Budget     Rating:   5

Does the Town manger ensure the budget is prepared and executed in the manner approved by the town council?  Does he ensure the city’s monies are managed properly?

Ms. Tebo complies with all required directives.






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