Lay off of Tommie, the Heck that will happen. He wanted the job and should handle it!

Look Tommy was left a shit show stacy left stuff just in piles all over her desk floor chairs you name it yes i have seen it with my own eyes and yes someone did break a key off in the file cabinet so there was no way to access it. You have no clue on the mess stacy left. The man is trying. He truly is. Give him a break. Let him get some time in then start doing whatever you want.

I like you guys both of you but damn give it a rest for a few. Let him get things right before you start claiming all over him. Pam left and didn’t give anyone passwords to anything. She never told anyone how to access anything. They are trying. They are working hard to try and fix this town.
I’m sorry but your public records request is not as important as getting the sewer and water grant started which he is doing. I’m sorry your public records request is not as important as getting the towns financial situation fixed which he and town staff plus volunteers who are putting in countless hours of their own time with help of the CPA. I’m sorry your public records request is not as important as getting the town a newer fire truck to better protect its citizens which they are working on.

I truly like you both just stop for a few give them a chance to get this town better because that is what they are trying to do an in the long run isn’t that what we all want because i am all for a better cleaner safer better water all around a better White Springs. Things are getting done let them work


Oh Thomas. You think you know it all. Just because your mother is there. Yes there is plenty to do. However, record request still must be answered. The law says so. Tommie Boy knew what he was getting himself into. He can’t even write a letter without the attorney looking at it. You can look at most of the budget going to attorney fees once again. He’s already scared of his own shadow. If he can’t take the heat he should just walk away.

Those working in White Springs have been slower than molasses in January. Joe requested the information at the time Pam was still here and obviously whether a key was broke in a lock….that is not an excuse.
I am good at organization and accounting and I offered my help. I have helped other organizations in the private sector clean up their mess including me going through personal records of a salesperson because he was being charged with stealing money. None of this takes that long. But neither the council nor the Town Manager at this point apparently can set priorities. One should go through stacy’s mess which prioritization should never take that long. In fact, we warned you about what you would find but no one listens to us. She should have been gone based upon her breach of contract but the council members are too afraid of a suit which would go nowhere.

I worked with my file clerk in a $14,000,000 merger and we together got the thousands of files handled and everything put together, while I still worked with my staff, in a period of three weeks. Nothing is that hard but most people do not have the work ethics. All Pam did was smoke continually and call her husband and daughter on the phone. I don’t know why Government people/employees are so damned slow. No one is that slow to catch up and get organized in the Private sector and I must admit I was the best. But you all dislike the Griffins…and you all do not have to make excuses saying that you like us, but we better give someone a chance. If a person has a high enough IQ has organization, accounting and law, they have it made. And I believe Tommie may have had some of those courses. If I were that slow to give my clients information when it is required immediately, I would have been fired and have lost ever y client. When I was in the insuranc e industry I had no less than 300 clients and was up to 600. Yes I had an admin to assist but it was my responsibility. So no, I do not feel sorry for any of this mess because it has been going on too long. And when we talk about external controls by way of security and make that a big deal, when we don’t think about internal controls then we are lost. Internal controls are a part of organization as well.
All I can say is that I am not the only one upset about someone who lies about his checkerboard past. Most of the other people are livid and think the council is nuts.
I do not know Mrs. Brazil’s background and I think it is nice that she volunteered so this does not apply to her.


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I agree. This town is headed straight for bankruptcy. The sooner the state steps in the better.

In reply to Lets take a break.
What things are getting done? Certainly not following the law. Tommie is incapable o f following the law and Pam was too dumb to understand the LAW.
Again I say, follow the law first and foremost. What could it hurt? We’ve tried incompetence and ignorance for long enough, lets hire the best and the brightest for both the Council and Staff and follow the law.

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  1. How long do we give the ignorant and stupid time to get up to speed? Is 20 years long enough. If it is then it should stop now.

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