Joe’s comment is brought forward

I totally agree. I myself participated in bringing Miller back to power based solely on her promise to me to do only what is best for White Springs. The duo of Tommie Jerome Jones with no experience with anything about running a town on the verge of insolvency being told what to do and when to do it, including when to follow Florida Ethics and Open Government laws by Miller harkens me back to the days of Townsend and Butler. Do only for yourself and to hell with what is best for the citizens. I can see no difference between then and now with the exception that I now have hope that the Ethics Commission will rule soon.

It is amazing to me how the same group of people metamorphosize themselves into new people with different names but govern the same way that the group immediately prior governed. WE had a totally worthless town manager and replaced her, not with someone who has a clue, but with someone who definitely has no clue. I’m convinced after 20 years experience that the solution to White Springs problems lies at a minimum with someone who knows all of the problems of the town or t he Governors Office in Tallahassee.

This EGO CULT run by Townsend, McKire Kennon, Koberlein and then Bullard and his follow on Lofton and now Miller and group is obviously no way to govern, yet Miller doesn’t see it that way. She like the other just quoted before think t hey know a better way, better than the law and the Charter.

Anyway, I thank Karin for her piece and hope someone in love with White Springs and not its political establishment will step up and be what Tommie was supposed to be, a municipal savior. Doubtful.

For God’s Sake, lets try something new for a change. Follow the Law and the Charter and quit making the same mistake over and over again., like hiring a Professional Town Manager which we have never done. Miller has proven herself incapable of lawful leadership which according to the Charter she has no role in anyway. The leadership changes (people) but it never changes. Miller and Bullard are the same. Egotistical bafoons with no appreciation for doing what is legally and morally correct.

I’m sorry I tried to help Helen out thinking that this time around she would be different than she was before. Boy was I wrong.

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  1. Yes you are the epitome of genius and I am sure could run the Town with perfection immediately fixing all the past problems and sins of 20+ years. However, never mind that Miller is trying to get Town finances straightened our by hiring a CPA firm. That Tebo left Tommy with piles of paper, and a key broken off in the secured files cabinet, no computer access, etc. Pam bailed on FMLA leaving virtually no instructions, passwords or information regarding her duties and never bothered to teach Yvonne any of Pam’s duties guarding the sacred orb of knowledge to insure her job security. The mess that is White Springs created be the likes of Lofton, Bullard and others will not be fixed overnight as no one has the magic wand. It will take time, effort, and hard work but the constant bashing does nothing to help the situation. Lets all hope that the current Town leadership is successful in making White Springs better.

    1. You may use satire in your comments to us but Joe and I are a team and if we are placed with any project, I can guarantee we could get anything done in short order. This Town is not that big. Stacks of paper can easily be prioritized and worked on efficiently with phone calls for any inquiries that may come up. I guess both Joe and I love challenges and that is probably why we work with speed to get things done…so sarcasm may be great, but you have no ideal about what the two of us have accomplished in life.
      Karin for the blog

  2. Don’t bet on it. We’ve had this exact situation 4 times in the 20+ years I have lived in town. Until we get competent people trying to solve the complete corruption it will never be fixed until the state takes of over,

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