Jeff Siegmeister stepped down as the State Attorney for the 3rd Judicial Circuit


What a shock.  Joe and I were getting signatures for Attorney Siegmeister so he could run for office again. In fact, Dana Brady- Giddens told us she was enjoying securing signatures because she and Mr. Sigmeister had an opportunity to meet so many people.

And today, Joe checked the Internet and found that  Attorney Siegmeister is retiring from the State effective Monday, December 23, 2019, due to personal reasons he is working through, according to Bobi J. Frank, a lawyer out of Gainesville who issued a statement on his behalf to the Jasper News.   According to the Jasper new, Frank said that Attorney Siegmeister has requested privacy during this difficult time to reflect and heal.

In spite of the prior disagreements we had with the charges made by White Springs against Joe, Sigmeister and Dana Brady Giddens realized that what White Springs was doing to us was a railroad job, especially after Karen Hatton was removed from our case.  Since that time, we had opportunity to speak with the Two after Stacy Tebo attempted to get an injunction against us in Judge Scaff’s court.  This was one time we missed our good friend Skip Jarvis who was the former attorney who would have handled things much sooner, we believe.

We wish him well and hope he heals during this time of reflection.  Check out next Thursday’s Jasper news.


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  1. There is nothing nefarious about Mr. Sigmeister’s resignation. Unfortunately his marriage of thirteen years has ended in accordance with the Gainesville Sun

    Governor DeSantis received his letter of resignation

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