In spite of illusions by the Council, Mayor Miller has achieved a few great things for White Springs

White Springs, in my opinion is a Town, in most cases, without Probity (the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.) Newcomers for the most part are not welcome unless they have money or something the Town desires; first generation people are not welcome; new businesses although desired for economic development are not welcome if the Council deems the business to be one that does not fit their scheme of things like the Liquor store which is still being picked on to date for things such as simple advertising; and for the most part the only business adventures which are acceptable are those of friends and relatives of the special councilors and citizens. Yet White Springs has a drug dealer problem, prostitution and thefts, which is not high on anyone’s radar and most of the time these crimes have been fought by the Sheriff’s Department and even outside police forces.

Even though a councilor may prove to have the wrong decisions or suggestions like the case of the business which is no longer operating at the old dollar general store.  The owner to his detriment, followed the advice of others by placing in an abundance of money and research. That owner would have been far ahead had he secured a franchise for something which is not located in Lake City or Live Oak like a Trader Joes or with Seafood distributor so that his product base would have been unique to the area.

To have someone travel to White Springs, it has to be a unique store. Although the majority of the council, and I would say none of late, patron Fat Belly’s, many people from Lake City, Live Oak and other areas come here.; When we went to breakfast the other day, we met a group of women who come to White Springs every year and rent a cabin at the park. However, what was strange is that they were never told about Fat Belly’s and now that they have for the first time eaten there, they intend to come back because they absolutely loved the atmosphere and the food.; The restaurant is especially crowded during the holidays where people stop to dine at Fat Belly’s before enjoying the lights at the park.  People share their tables when Fat Belly’s is packed/crowded and everyone seems happy in this family atmosphere to meet other people.

We have met many people who have vacationed in White Springs and word of mouth brings them to the Fat Belly’s restaurant where they enjoy the many artifacts on the walls and even take photographs of the restaurant, including its exterior. So perhaps the Town should give a special thanks to the Stormants, who actually bring people into the Town of White Springs.

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”Friedrich Nietzsche”

White Springs has an abundance of illusion. It has been this way for so long that the special councilors believe all their lies and beliefs that they are helping the citizens out and know better than the citizens how to improve lives in White Springs. They may not be told they are wrong because of the illusion, they contend they are always right and are all knowing. And what has happened throughout the years, a shortage of money while raising taxes and fees and now those taxes and fees which were charged to provide additional money for projects needed badly in White Springs are not there. We secure grants but cannot afford our share of any grant.It is hoped that our current council comes to their senses and quits looking at the superfluous items; and economic development for the Barnett Tract until our Sewer and Water problems are resolved.

The Council under Mayor Miller, however, has had five great achievements of which the former Councilors have had none except to expend money on attorneys to save Stacy Tebo and disrupt the good employees and practices of White Springs.

  1. Through Mittauer and Associates, a solution has been made so that our Town may begin the Sewer Reclamation project Mayor Miller deserves the accreditation on this project since it was started under her previous terms as Mayor.)

 2.  Through Mittauer and Associates, additional money is being secured so that the Kendrick Street Project may begin.

3. The most important decision made by Mayor Miller and the Councilors, finally after two years, was to bring our former fire chief and the brotherhood of firefighters back who actually cared about the safety of the Citizens of White Springs.And these firefighters will be able to comply with the Hamilton County Fire Agreement something the favored Chief and Assistant could never comply with.

4. Without a benefactor who no longer assists with the HOPE program because of the BeFaithful saga, she, Rivers and Williams have begun a program securing money as best they can along with the Stephen Foster Park Rangers and employees who have done so much for White Springs and for our firefighters. This again has brought back Movie Night for parents and their children

5. Although with a Checkered past, Mayor Miller and Councilor Rivers brought us a Town Manager who is perfect, not for most Towns, but definitely perfect for this Town. White Springs has always been considered the most corrupt Town in the area and at least Mr. Jones does the Council’s bidding. And the councilors love him and even though I do not personally trust him because of his previous lying, he is working for the Council and the White Springs citizens as a result, doing what is requested. Whereas Tebo would listen to no one but her gang. The criticism is that the Council on the whole with information on Jone’s checkered past, did not choose to be transparent to the citizens, some of which are still upset with what was done from my understanding and the comments made. Just recently in Ocala, an official after running in the second election because of a tie, was removed even though he won because of felonies and the law which prohibits officials with felonies to be on the boards of counties and municipalities That is why this has been so questionable to those in the know..





Nietzsche expressed the idea that people need their illusions, and that when all is considered, they live in a lie. He couldn’t have been more correct. Besides the defense mechanisms employed with frightening regularity, we have grown into a culture that, despite proclaiming a desire for the truth, would actually prefer to be lied to .

Well some of us do not believe in being lied to and we believe in truth and transparency something our special officials do not believe in. I would rather someone tell me the truth, no matter how it may hurt.  Because if I understand that I erred or did something wrong, if someone lies to me I cannot fix it.

Often people prefer illusion to the truth. The truth hurts, and as a species that avoids pain and seeks pleasure, the preference is a lie. Even when people hear the truth, their defenses kick in and protect the ego against it.  That is something we have seen time and time again throughout the years with Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie.  This keeps the illusion, which is viewed as more pleasant, alive

As a culture we’ve come to expect to be spared our feelings at the cost of the truth, to be lied to. Second, defense mechanisms and other aspects of perception work to keep the individual in an illusion which is intended to be better than reality. This is sad and this alternate reality is the one in which Mayor Lofty, Councilman Rhett Bullard and Vice Mayor Tonja Brown  have lived in and their vision of reality is skewed.


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