If Franklin Smith’s Restaurant would have had a fire today, the entire Harris building would have burned to the ground because WE DO NOT HAVE A FIRE DEPARTMENT

Franklin Smith
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So have we ever found out exactly where the fire fighters were that night.


In reply to Franklin Smith.We only have Steve Stith, the Chief who lives in Town. All others work for Century for Steve Stith. Stith is not a certified Firefighter I or II. All other firefighters are from Callihan, Alachua County and Lake City. Our Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Green blacks out from smoke and has done that grilling meat so we have no fire department.

I might add that if your restaurant would have had a fire now, the entire Harris building would have burned down in lieu of just the insides of your restaurant.  When Kevin Pittman was chief and we had 10 certified firefighters locally, he made certain he was on top of everything and I believe he showed up at your restaurant within 5-10 minutes so the rest of the building was saved.  Karin

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