Happy 2020 to our readers and contributors who have made our small town blog a success.

There have been many blessings to our small Town in 2019.   For the most part we stuck together for a better White Springs.  Our most joyous happening was when Tommie Jones was the manager after Stacy Tebo gave her resignation so that we would finally have our Fire Department Back.  We now feel we are safe with Kevin Pittman as our chief and all the firefighters returning.  We especially thank Firefighter Tom Brazil for fighting for two years for this to happen and watching over the community since we truly had no one to assist.

We are thankful that Mayor Miller was elected but the greatest thing to happen was that Tom Moore is now on the council.  We are happy that Spencer Lofton now has a beautiful home in Lake City and upon his resignation from the Council that Anita Rivers is now on the Town Council.  Anita has many gifts to offer but we hope that she will learn to bring all her thoughts pertaining to White Springs business in the Sunshine instead of the Darkness.

We lost some Fat Belly Friends including Ron Hart and Tom Salter and also Buck Copeland. May they rest in peace and know that we think of them often.

We are no longer wasting Local Option Fuel Taxes and even though Senator Montford chose to lie instead of realizing the law was not followed, Representative Chuck Brennan didn’t do much to make certain the law was followed either.  But upon our new attorney being appointed and Mayor Helen Miller advising the Council,that it was against the law to not keep it reserved for “transportation” we now may have money for road repairs.

Yes Ms. Tebo left the Town in a lurch by not providing information to our new Town Manager and Ms. Tomlinson decided to take a medical leave at the same time.  We are not certain who sabotaged the office and broke keys into locks between the two of them but it shows what type of people these ladies are like.  Obviously they did not take any pride or ownership in the job they have done thus far and that is sad indeed.

The mayor and Council person Rivers and Moore, personally have worked in a summer program program for the children of White Springs at the Park.   The park Rangers and workers have been so kind because there was no money except for what Miller was able to secure.

The Council has much work to do since we do not have a CPA; we have very little funds to spare; have to start the Wastewater Revitalization project which will cost millions with our share being over $700,000; have problems with the Water as well including no pressure at SHE which has been purchased by another entity; We need $48,000 for a hurricane proof community center upgrade which has been demanded with no money for furnishings to complete the center which is small in size; we cannot afford a new fire truck because we cannot afford the matching funds to the $100,000 we received.  Our Town has always been broke but it was worse in the past four years with much of the money going to Stacy Tebo to protect her from a discrimination charge, and for protecting her with an attorney of her choice after she went after Miller and had Miller removed from her council seat.   At that time we were told by Ms. Tebo that there was no cap on attorney fees and all our LOFT money was gone.

We give our Thanks to Beverly Brazil and the other volunteers who are helping Tommie Jones and Yvonne Bryant in the office.  Your help is greatly appreciated by all.

We pray that our councilors start thinking about our community and how we may get the Town of White Springs out of this financial bind, instead of constantly worrying about tourism and economic development.  We pray they realize that infrastructure should be completed before anyone will consider placing their money for economic development.

We hope that just because the councilors wish to receive all the African American votes that they consider first what is important and that it is not the color of one’s skin that makes things better but instead that we should work together on the basis of harmony without judging a person on their skin color.  Unlike other cities we have been to,  Many Whites and Many Blacks in White Springs are extremely racist and for some reason it has become worse each year in which I have lived here.  I pray that those who continually use the race card  and lie about people without knowing them or even understanding why things are done, to stop it .  In the meantime I have learned that those of whom I respected to this time are doing the most damage for which I am sad but happy to finally see their true faces and hope they understand someday what they have done..


I pray also that the Town comes to their senses.  You and we agree that Tommie Jones is an intelligent man, yet you are playing these games by not providing him a contract and explaining to him that he is a “Contract Employee” not a consultant.  Most people do not read law unless they are heavily involved in law within their respective careers, and we cannot expect Mr. Jones to understand all the nuances of law when he has never been a Town Manager previously.   Neither by Law or definition does Tommie Jones’ position fall into a “Consultant/Independent” contractor role so stop the games.  Yes he has to fill out an application, get a background check and a drug test, but so did all the other employees and contract managers.  It’s time you told him the truth and do what is right because right now he has no protection the manner in which you have allowed him to hang…but yet profess how good he is.  If you like him keep him but please do the right things and explain to him it is something we are required to do and not because the Town is racist.  It is unfair to not require him to do what prior Town Managers were required to do just because of the color of his skin. It is reverse discrimination.

May God Bless each of you and bring you happiness and prosperity.  May God keep our Firefighters and Police Officers safe and may our officials consider the people and their needs first in 2020.

Karin for the blog


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